Earth-Friendly Product Swaps

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Earth-Friendly Product Swaps

Earth-Friendly Product Swaps

This Earth Month, we want to celebrate the little things because even the smallest switches can make the biggest difference on the Earth.

How do you make these changes? Simply look through your house and look at what ingredients are in the products you use. Is there a brand you can switch to that is more Earth-conscious? To help you get started, we share some of our favorite planet-loving brands you should try this Earth Month.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Makeup and cosmetics are things many of us use on a daily basis, so switching to an organic, eco-friendly brand would be a wise swap to make because we use it so frequently. Many makeup lines use non-renewable resources in both the actual product itself and the packaging. Brands such as Afterglow Cosmetics, however, source certified organic materials that align with the company’s focus on sustainability.

Badger Balm

Balms, moisturizers and other skincare products are things that we make use of every day, so these products deserve a second look at how they impact the Earth. Be sure to look at where the ingredients are coming from and how they are sourced. Companies such as Badger Balm implement rigorous standards for agriculture, processing, sustainable supply chain and health-giving properties.

Crane USA

Make the air around you cleaner for not only yourself, but for everyone else! It’s easy for our homes to get stuffy and polluted. Humidifiers, such as Crane, are great additions to your home because they eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke, creating fresher air for you, your family and your planet.

Chagrin Valley Soap

Not only should you be looking at the ingredients the products you use contain, an easy way to make Earth-friendly product swaps is to look at what eco-friendly actions the company takes. For instance, if you want to use an Earth-friendly soap, Chagrin Valley Soap recycles and composts every day. They have 99 percent plastic-free packaging, and they have eliminated the use of paper towels and disposables among many other Earth-conscious practices.

Molly’s Suds

A lot of cleaning products, particularly laundry detergents, are made with chemicals not tested for human safety, not to mention the impact these chemicals have on our environment. While you want to stay clean and healthy, you should want the Earth to as well. Molly’s Suds was created with the mission to formulate products without carcinogens and known human toxins to be good stewards of the Earth. Switching to a better detergent will help you do the same.


It’s not just the choices you make for yourself that have an impact on the environment, it’s the ones you make for your kids as well. While you are looking in the cupboard at your food, also look at what you are giving your children. Pick a more socially responsible, yet still delicious, snack next time you go shopping, such as MySuperFoods. MySuperFoods offer organic, 100% nut free, 100% whole grain snacks that are also dairy free. It’s time to start snacking better!


Especially in recent years, people have realized the benefits and various uses of essential oils. They are therapeutic, and you can use them to get relief from allergies and headaches. If you do use essential oils or want to try them, consider a brand like Oilogic. They source their oils directly from plants and ensure their products are free from synthetics and impurities.


Have you ever considered where your food comes from? Where you choose to get your food (or where and how it is made) can play a role in your carbon footprint. Next time you are at the grocery store, consider a brand like Stonyfield. They offset yogurt works’ emissions, make their cups from plants instead of petroleum and make their own renewable energy. Take a moment out of your day to read the history and missions of the food brands you purchase to see where you can make conscious swaps.


Ahhh, coffee. One of the few things that can get us awake and ready to take on the day, whether it’s work or a day of running around with children. Unfortunately, this seemingly magical beverage is negatively impacting the preservation of the rainforests from which it is sourced. That’s where Teeccino comes in, a company that is still helping you get your caffeine-fix while sustainably sourcing their product. This herbal coffee is a great product to try if you need that pick-me-up but still want to be Earth-conscious about what you imbibe.


Think about how many days a week you throw your food in paper bag for lunch. Now consider how often you store the food in there in plastic bags. Even something as simple as using a plastic straw at a restaurant is a contributor to waste. U-Konserve makes everything from food containers to straws to food wraps and much more. As they state on their website, 50 percent of plastic is used once and then thrown away. Make this quick and easy swap to reusable!

If you want to learn more about any of these products or have the chance to WIN some, enter our #NPLoveEarthChallenge Giveaway.

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Earth-Friendly Product Swaps

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