Naturepedic Layer Swap Program: Switch Mattress Comfort

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Naturepedic Layer Swap Program: Switch Mattress Comfort

Naturepedic Layer Swap Program: What You Need to Know

Goldilocks didn’t have much time to pick a bed. While she was able to try out different mattress comfort levels, she quickly had to pick the one that was “just right” after lying on them once. After a few days, Goldilocks easily could have realized that it wasn’t the right mattress for her. We realize that a few minutes isn’t enough time to pick the best mattress for the next 10 to 20 years of your life.

Determining the best comfort level for the long term isn’t meant to be a split second decision, that’s why we’ve designed our Layer Swap Program to give you peace of mind in your investment.

What is the Naturepedic Layer Swap Program?

So you want to participate in the Naturepedic Layer Swap Program? Here’s what you need to know:

-Works for any 3” comfort layer that are in good condition

-Has to be within 90 days of purchase

-Only for mattresses purchased from an authorized Naturepedic dealer

-Fill out the form at

-Pay shipping charges

-You will receive your refund once we receive your original layers within 120 days of original purchase

Our EOS® Series is a great example of a mattress that will allow you to take advantage of our layer swap program. Since it’s customizable for both you and your partner, if either of you decide you do not like your choice of comfort layer, swap it out!

What are the Layer Swap Program Benefits?

Ample Time:

A bed is not like a piece of clothing, and we know that. It’s more of an investment. We designed the program to give you 90 days because we know adjusting to a new bed takes time. Even if you try out our mattresses at one of our retailers, you may change your mind after sleeping on your mattress for an extended period of time. We don’t want you to feel rushed.

No Cost but Shipping:

Part of the reason we have lines like the EOS® Series is because we like to give our customers the opportunity to completely customize their beds. We also know that may overwhelm some people, thinking they have to know exactly what they want right at the time of purchase. We don’t charge if you return within 90 days because we want customers to have peace of mind knowing they will get their best night’s sleep, even if it’s not from their original choice.

Reuse of Returned Layers:

We don’t just throw away your returned layers either. We either use them for floor sample displays or donate them to charity.

We know you aren’t Goldilocks, and we don’t expect everyone to completely love their first choice of comfort layer, nor do we expect you to pay for it.

Have more questions about the Layer Swap Program? Leave them in the comments or visit

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Naturepedic Layer Swap Program: Switch Mattress Comfort

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