5 Tips To Sleep Cool This Summer

Sleep Cool this Summer

Sleep Cool this Summer

The days are heating up, so that means you may be cranking up your air conditioner, especially at night because you want to sleep cool.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to rely on just the AC to have your ideal summer sleep. We share five tips to sleep cool all summer-long.

1. Keep The Shades Down

The sun’s out, so you want to flood your house with natural light. That’s completely normal. This, however, can result in a hot sleep. The sun’s rays are the strongest in the summer, and letting them pour into your house all day will heat up your house and, in turn, heat you up when it’s time for bed. Consider closing the blinds more during the day, especially when the sun’s rays are strongest from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., so you will feel better at night.

2. Plant a Tree

You won’t see immediate results with this one, but when you do, you will feel good about your sleep and your mark on the environment. Trees provide shade during the hot months, so plant a tree on the south side of your house for one of the most eco-friendly cooling tools. Once it grows, you will be shaded and have something beautiful to look at.

3. Rely on Water

Water works wonders for sleeping cool at night in a variety of ways. Drinking 8 oz. of water before bed will reduce your body temperature, as will taking a cold shower (plus it will also rinse off the day's sweat).

4. Add a Topper

Adding to your mattress can actually reduce heat. Organic wool is a great material for a mattress topper because it has natural temperature regulating qualities. Our Woolly Organic Mattress Topper wicks away moisture while you’re sleeping and keeps you comfortable even during the hottest of nights.

5. Avoid Heavy Pre-Sleep Meals and Drinks

Going out to dinner for a rich meal and delicious drinks is always a good way to unwind with friends and family. Just try not to make your reservations too late during hot days.The closer you eat to bedtime, the more energy your body will have to expend digesting while you sleep, subsequently heating you up. Drinking alcohol close to bedtime will also raise your body temperature, so think twice before you have that nightcap this summer.

How do you sleep cool during the hot summer months? Let us know in the comments!