Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

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Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

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It’s that time of year when Monday through Friday you and your children will have to quickly become accustomed to early alarms. That’s right, it’s time for school!

Don’t expect anyone, especially your kids, to all of the sudden be jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. Long summer nights and a more relaxed routine make settling back into an earlier school bedtime harder for your whole family.

To help make this transition easier, we suggest a few tips.

1.) Limit TV Time Before Bed

During the summer, most parents become pretty lax about bedtimes, nighttime routines, etc. There’s no problem with having a bit of fun and bending the rules, especially when school’s out, but it will have an effect on your kids’ sleep schedule. Sleep will play a large role in your child’s success at school, so even if you let them watch tv late at night during the summer, you should now try to put a stop to this habit. Screen time before bed will overstimulate them, making it harder for them to fall and stay asleep.

2.) Gradually Change Their Bedtime

Since summer typically means later nights and longer mornings, you can’t expect your child to immediately jump into a school-time sleep routine. If you didn’t begin readjusting their sleep times in the final few weeks of summer, do it during the beginning of the school year. Don’t ask them to go to bed a few hours earlier right away. Slowly shift bedtime day by day so it’s less of a shock to their systems and it happens more naturally. 15-minute changes are optimal.

3.) Have Teenagers Take Their Phones Out of the Room

It’s no surprise that teenagers are attached at the hip to their phones. This becomes a bigger issue at night when the bright light and the constant texting will be very detrimental to falling asleep at an acceptable hour. Ask them to move their phones to a different room at night and set them up with a regular alarm clock. That way they won’t be tempted to even look at it in the evening.

4.) Let the Blinds be a Natural Alarm Clock

When your kid needs to wake up in the morning, try opening their blinds around that time to accompany their alarm. The early exposure to light will shift their schedules and will be a natural way to inspire them to get out of bed and ready for school.

5.) Eliminate Extra Stressors at Home

Trying to succeed in school, managing friends and partaking in after-school activities are all stressors, and stress is notorious for interrupting sleep. Consider your home environment and identify any stressors that may exist there as well. Try to make your home a haven, so that your child will be able to rest easier.

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Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

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