The Myths of Napping

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The Myths of Napping

The Myths of Napping

The older we get, the more we appreciate a nap. Unfortunately, we are often told a lot of things about napping, many negative, that dissuade us from taking an afternoon snooze.

Before you try to power through and skip that day date with your pillow, we debunk some of the most common napping myths. Happy napping!

1.) Napping Will Make You More Tired

That groggy post-nap feeling may happen, but it doesn’t always have to if you nap “the right way.” Experts suggest sleeping no longer than 30 minutes because after a half hour you will fall into deep sleep which can be very hard to wake from. A 20 to 30 minute nap, however, will leave you refreshed and ready to go.

2.) Napping Will Affect Your Sleep at Night

A huge misconception about napping is that taking one during the day will have a negative effect on your sleep at night. In reality, naps should do nothing to your nighttime slumber unless you take one too late. Don’t nap after five, and you should be all set!

3.) You Have to Actually Fall Asleep for a Nap to be Effective

Surprisingly, you don’t have to actually sleep for it to be a nap, or even a good nap at that. Just meditating or lying quietly for a short period of time is much better than trying to be fully awake when you are tired and need a recharge.

4.) Not Everyone Can Nap

Are you high strung or anxious? If so, you are probably under the assumption that falling asleep for a nap is nearly impossible. If your mind is constantly racing, you may have to train yourself to nap. Make it a habit to nap at the same time every day and eventually your body will adjust and learn to wind down during naptime.

5.) Napping is for Lazy People

Many of us avoid napping because we have been told naps are only for toddlers and children. Napping doesn’t make you lazy and doesn’t waste your day, in fact, napping is extremely healthy! Napping helps spark creative energy, making you more productive. Taking a half hour out of your day for sleep can make all the difference.

Have you heard other myths about napping? Share in the comments!

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The Myths of Napping

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