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Mattress Label: The Accurate Labeling Act

 We understand our consumers. Most of the people who love the Naturepedic brand are health-conscious and appreciate transparency, especially when it comes to making purchases and our own mattress label. When we find information that could help our friends make the best possible decisions for their own families, we feel that it is our responsibility to share that information. It has been brought to our attention that a new bill will soon be voted on—The Accurate Labels Act (H.R. 6022.) The Accurate Labels Act is introduced and sponsored by Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R) – Ill. The Overview of the proposed bill states: To amend the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to require that Federal and State mandated information declarations and labeling requirements applicable to the chemical composition of, and radiation emitted by, consumer products meet minimum scientific standards to deliver accurate and clear information, and for other purposes. At a time when consumers are demanding more transparency when it comes to products they use in the workplace and in their homes, this bill aims to limit access to this information. While it is named the Accurate Labels Act, it does not seek to expand chemical safety, as it can be used to effectively overturn current local, state, and some federal programs that require companies to label toxic materials or to provide a warning about chemicals. The Accurate Labels Act broadens loopholes for corporations to hide ingredient information and places an impossible burden on consumers to determine which products are safer. Because we believe in transparency and education, we encourage you and your loved ones to read more about the Accurate Labels Act, found on GovTrack. We strive to be transparent on our own mattress labels. If you decide that you would like to oppose the act, be sure to sign the petition by September 8th. We encourage our friends and families to speak up for what you believe in. And when it comes to matters of health and safety, we believe the cause is too important to not spread the word and inspire others. For more information on a mattress label and what the terms mean, read Organic vs. All Natural vs. Non-Toxic: What These Mattress Terms Really Mean.