Don’t Let Bad Dreams Become Bad Sleep

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Don’t Let Bad Dreams Become Bad Sleep

Don't Let Bad Dreams Become Bad Sleep

Have a scary dream? A nightmare so terrifying it wakes you up in the middle of the night? That’s right, not only kids suffer from bad dreams.

You had an adult nightmare. Don’t be ashamed, most of us do! But before you shrug it off and ignore it, pay attention as to why it happened and how often you are having these sleep-interrupting imaginations. It could be more than just a nightmare, and furthermore, it could be negatively affecting your sleep schedule.

When do nightmares occur?

You can thank your REM sleep cycle, the period of sleep associated with dreaming, for your nightmares. About an hour and a half in is when you hit this state and dreams, good or bad, may occur. Scary dreams do occur during other times for adults, especially if you find yourself particularly nervous or stressed out, but for the most part your typical nightmare will occur during REM.

How do you know if it’s a nightmare or a night terror?

It may seem like just word choice, but knowing if you are having a nightmare or a night terror is an important differentiation in dealing with them. The simple differentiator is that night terrors tend to be more intense than nightmares. While night terrors are more common in children, they can be a serious issue in adults as well. When one experiences a night terror they may shout, thrash or even sleepwalk. These can be caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, and if they are recurring and caused by anxiety, you should see a doctor.

How do you stop adult nightmares from occurring?

If you are still having nightmares as an adult, you aren’t alone. As many as 90 percent of people still suffer from scary dreams. Just because they are common, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t awful to experience. Most nightmares occur because of sleep deprivation or stress. Try meditation, yoga or whatever you do to relax,  reduce your stress and sleep better.

If you think you are suffering from night terrors, you should consult a physician. If you want to learn more about trouble sleeping, read our blog on insomnia.

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Don’t Let Bad Dreams Become Bad Sleep

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