Tips and Tricks to Get You Out of Bed

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Tips and Tricks to Get You Out of Bed

We wish we could tell you that we don’t need help getting out of bed, but that would be a lie. We love sleep more than most, so leaving the mattress (especially for early morning wake-up calls) is never an easy task. Everyone wants to stay in bed, but there are things to do. To inspire you to listen to your alarm, we share some of our favorite getting out of bed tips.

1. Place Your Phone Accordingly

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to get out of bed is also one of the simplest. If you use your phone as your alarm, having it on the bedside table can be detrimental in getting you out of bed. Placing your phone away from your bed will require you to get out of bed just to turn off the alarm! Once you are up, there’s no need to get back in bed.

2. Have Some Motivators Sitting Next to Your Bed

We love tips that serve a dual purpose! Seeing your gym shoes next to your bed could give you that push to not only get up and moving but also to hit the gym! Some even go as far as to sleep in their workout attire. That way you can prepare for the gym more quickly, making you more likely to roll out of bed and exercise.

3. Set Yourself Up for a Calm Morning

Part of the struggle to wake up is knowing you have to face the stress and chaos of the day. Once you are up, you have to get yourself ready for work and, if you are a parent, your children ready for school. If you take time to prepare some of these things at night, not only will you dread getting up a little less, you will also have more time in the morning to slowly wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

4. Convince Yourself You Are Snoozing

A lot of the struggle of waking up all stems from your own mind. To motivate yourself to get out of bed, you have to play the mind game. Tackle the biggest game first -- the war against hitting snooze. If you can’t break the habit, go ahead and press snooze, but get up and do some stretching. Try some yoga moves as simple as sitting and stretching your neck during this time period. That way, when your snooze goes off, you won’t want to get back in bed.

5. Get Help From Apps

There’s apps for helping you fall asleep, so of course there are apps for helping you wake up! Whether it’s trying an app like Sleep Cycle that helps you plan when you should actually be waking up or Wake n Shake which will make you shake your phone for your alarm to go off (talk about a wake-up call), technology can be a very helpful tool for sleep when used right.

And one of our favorite tips for getting out of bed? Fixing your sleep schedule!

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Tips and Tricks to Get You Out of Bed

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