Six Sleepy-Time Stories Your Little One Will Love

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Six Sleepy-Time Stories Your Little One Will Love

Six Sleepytime Stories Your Little One Will Love

Reading your baby a classic bedtime book might just hold the key to dreamland. Any parent hoping to lull your little one to sleep knows bedtime reading is one of the best ways to achieve those coveted Zzz’s. Plus, reading with your child before bed sets in motion the perfect nighttime routine that will make falling asleep on their organic mattress even easier.

When it comes to bedtime stories, the best books are the ones that are easy to hold, contain lyrical rhymes, and inspire peaceful rest. After all, the point of reading a story to your child before they drift off to sleep is to make them feel calm and safe.

If you have a new baby or toddler, these six books are guaranteed to become your new sleepytime favorites.

1. If Animals Kissed Good Night

With lyrical repetition and plenty of cute animals, this book is filled with illustrations that are truly adorable. As the book goes on, the amount of light in the background of each page fades, making it the perfect choice for winding your baby down for bedtime.

2. Good Night, Gorilla

Your baby will love following around Joe the Zookeeper as he makes his final rounds in the zoo, saying goodnight to all of the animals. What they’ll love even more is the mischievous little gorilla who follows him home!

3. Shhh! This Book is Sleeping

This new book ingeniously illustrates the action of being tucked in for bed. With its giant, gentle blue face, this book actually encourages your child to tuck the book into bed with them, which is a fun way to get them ready for dreamland alongside their bedtime story.

4. Slumber Sloth

This cute book is a great way to teach your toddler the wonders of meditation! By softly urging your child to relax their mind and body one step at a time, this bedtime book promotes peaceful, mindful slumber.

5. Goodnight, Moon

Perhaps the most classic bedtime story of all, this book has been lulling little ones to sleep for decades. This famously calming tale follows a tiny bunny as it rhymes ‘good night’ to the objects in its bedroom—from the brush and the bowl of mush to the moon and the spoon.

6. Llama Llama Red Pajama

Even babies will pick up on this rhyming masterpiece and join in on repeating the story of Baby Llama getting ready for bedtime. Plus, this bedtime favorite ends on a cute and comforting message that mom is “always near, even if she’s not right there.”

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Six Sleepy-Time Stories Your Little One Will Love

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