Ask Naturepedic: What’s in Your Protector Pads?

Naturepedic Waterproof Protector Pad

Naturepedic Waterproof Protector Pad

You love Naturepedic because we offer a safer mattress for you and your family. It makes sense that you want to know exactly what you’re getting with our accessories. Naturepedic’s organic waterproof protector pads contain an ultra-thin layer of polyurethane as a waterproof barrier between two layers of certified organic cotton fabric.

Isn’t polyurethane bad?

Naturepedic mattresses never contain polyurethane foams, which are petroleum chemical blends called “solid gasoline” by the National Association of State Fire Marshals. Polyurethane in its pure form is not the same as polyurethane foam. The polyurethane that we use is considered “medical device biocompatible” which means it’s safe for medical use. We use approximately 3% to 5% of this pure polyurethane with organic cotton fabric to create our protector pads.

Are there other options to waterproof?

Common waterproofing materials include vinyl, phthalates, butane rubber, and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). These materials are potential hazards for chemical emissions and Naturepedic does not use them in any of our products. Vinyl and rubber products can also cause uncomfortable sweating, while our pads allow humidity to pass through for a more comfortable sleep surface.

Our waterproof crib and kids mattresses have a food-grade polyethylene waterproof surface. Polyethylene is an excellent choice for surface waterproofing but does not stand up to repeated washing and drying. The polyurethane in our waterproof protector pads is the next best choice.

Water-resistant wool puddle pads are sometimes used as a natural moisture barrier. While we use organic wool as a natural fire-resistant material in our adult mattresses, Naturepedic does not use wool as a waterproofing solution because it may cause a contact reaction. We advise parents to avoid direct skin exposure to wool until their baby’s allergies and sensitivities are known.

Is it really organic?

Our waterproof protector pads are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Polyurethane is approved by GOTS as an additional material in organic products. Naturepedic waterproof protector pads are made with certified organic cotton fabric for a comfortable soft surface.

In addition to being certified organic, the protector pads easily pass the GREENGUARD Gold certification standards for chemical emissions. We don’t use formaldehyde (or any aldehydes), flame retardant chemicals, or anti-microbial pesticide treatments. Without questionable chemicals and additives, you will be resting easy on your Naturepedic organic waterproof protector pad.

Why do I want one?

A waterproof barrier protects your mattress from life’s inevitable messes. If your baby crib mattress is already waterproof, an additional pad is for cleaning convenience. All non-waterproof mattress surfaces should be protected against liquids. Waterproof protector pads not only block liquids from damaging your mattress but also serve as a barrier against dust mites and other allergens. Your mattress is an investment that needs protecting!

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