Naturepedic Founder Barry Cik Speaks About Sustainable Furnishings

Sustainability Furnishings Council Webinar

Sustainability Furnishings Council Webinar

It’s clear that many consumers are demanding more from their products regarding health and safety, as they should. I created Naturepedic along with my sons to in order help meet that demand.

Whether a company enters the market already focused on healthier materials like we did, or whether a company decides along the way to green their offerings, resources exist to help them in their journey.

Recently I was invited to speak on a webinar sponsored by the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a trade organization that supports companies in the home furnishings sector looking to make a healthier impact. Also on this presentation was Robert Demianew of Control Union Certifications who discussed the Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, and Dale Read, President of the Specialty Sleep Association, who discussed the new BedFax program.

For my part, I discussed the existing obstacles to good health facing consumers today when purchasing mattresses. Of particular note, I discussed the widespread use of flame retardant chemicals, why they are used, why they are problematic, and how Naturepedic found a way to not use them while still passing all flammability standards.

I also discussed how GOTS certification and BedFax service provides verification and transparency for consumers, topics elaborated on by the other speakers.

GOTS, BedFax, even the Sustainable Furnishings Council, aren’t creating a demand for healthier products. People already desire them. Instead, they are helping consumers identify the healthier products on the market and trust that these products meet their needs, and they are also helping companies to build better products and communicate their message. It’s all part of the same goal: helping to make our homes and planet a healthier place to live.

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