Why We Use Organic Cotton in Our Crib Mattresses

We use organic cotton in all our crib mattresses because we want babies and kids to sleep on something that is safe and healthy. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals – nothing harmful whatsoever. But it’s not only babies who are affected by these toxins.

My father, for example, just turned 81 and was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. He’s on chemo and responding quite well.

The type of cancer he has is called multiple myeloma. It starts in the blood cells and collects in the marrow and other parts of the bone. Like other cancers, it can kill you. But many people with multiple myeloma live for a long time – although the condition generally roller-coasters between long periods of apparent remission and acute episodes.

What’s different about multiple myeloma is that it is acknowledged as being related to pesticide and herbicide exposure. As with all cancers, there are several other risk factors but, according to The Collaborative on Health and the Environment, pesticides and herbicides are high on the list of those stemming from the environment.

The Collaborative for Health and the Environment

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment, by the way, is a very useful resource. It’s a network of 3000 individuals and organizations in 45 countries, including representation in 48 U.S. states, which has as its mission to “advance knowledge and effective action to address growing concerns about the links between human health and environmental factors.” Check out their database for information on the strength of the evidence connecting multiple myeloma, pesticides and herbicides, as well as links between other diseases and their environmental risk factors.

My father has lived for years in a community that controls pests and weeds with regular use of chemicals. I have never once seen a mosquito at my father’s house, even though he lives right on a canal which should be a strong breeding ground. Nor have I ever seen a weed in my father’s lawn.

If just a few years of living in that kind of environment can contribute to a healthy and robust adult getting cancer, imagine what your baby is up against.

At Naturepedic, we help you avoid the sometimes disastrous effects of pesticide and herbicide exposure by using organic cotton in our crib mattresses and other products. But we also hope to influence the use of toxins overall. If we can accomplish that, more babies and children will be safe, and more grandparents will be around to see them grow up.