Dr. Alan Greene, Stanford University School of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics
“A cotton mattress is at the top of Dr. Greene's essential list of must-have products for baby... Naturepedic is really doing it right! Parents can rest assured that the basic model (or the more luxury models) are safe for their little ones from infant to school-age kids. As with many of our favorite products, we know the owners of this company.”

DrGreene.com - Palo Alto, CA

“If I were to pick one big green/organic purchase to make, I would pick a mattress for your baby, because the conventional mattresses are often made with polyurethane foam... And babies are small, they're right there twelve hours out of the day... People might not be thinking about this... Naturepedic makes organic and natural mattresses without all the chemicals.”

ABC News Now Program, Parenting with Ann Pleshette Murphy, June 1, 2010

Former Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Region
“We put a lot of emphasis on the physical protection of our children with the use of car seats, safe toys and the recommendation to have babies sleep on their backs to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). We need to place similar emphasis on protecting our children from the subtle but potentially serious consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals. I recommend using a non-toxic and more natural mattress for all infants and toddlers, and I can recommend Naturepedic as an excellent product from people who care about the health of our children.”

Sigmund C. Norr, Ph.D., M.D.
Beachwood, OH

Chief Medical Officer and Pediatrician
“With my many years of experience as pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, I am happy to see that the Naturepedic baby mattress is finally available. The Naturepedic baby mattress gives pediatricians and parents with concerns about the chemicals in baby products a high quality option they previously did not have... I am happy to recommend it to parents.”

Edwin Simpser, M.D.
Bayside, NY

Director of Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessments (120 Technical Publications)
“As a chemist who worked for more than 30 years on environmental issues, including conducting health risk assessments for the U.S. EPA, the Departments of Energy and Defense, as well as many industrial clients, it is a pleasure to see what Naturepedic is doing.”

Haia Roffman, Ph.D.
Pittsburgh, PA

Nurse Manager in the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital
“Naturepedic mattresses are used in all of our infant bassinettes. The mattresses have been in use since April 2009 and the mattresses have shown no visible wear and are easily cleaned.”

Marybeth Sevastos, RNC-NIC, MSN, MBA, HCM
Cleveland, OH

Board Certified in Pediatric and Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
“Every day parents are increasingly aware of the hidden risks that toxic compounds present to their children. Naturepedic makes being sure your child’s bed is free of toxins easy, since all of their mattresses and pads are completely free of all toxic fumes and materials... This is an important choice, and one Naturepedic opens the door to parents to make.”

Arthur Lavin, M.D.
Beachwood, OH

National Institute of Health Review Committee; Chief Scientific Officer,
Immunology & Molecular Genetics, Amplimmune

“I commend you for undertaking the task of promoting and selling the Naturepedic No-Compromise Baby Mattress to the general public. The natural material used in this mattress provides a wonderful option for parents concerned about their children’s health and well-being. At the same time, parents can rest assured that the mattresses provide maximal comfort as well as fire protection.”

Solomon Langermann, Ph.D.
Annapolis, MD