National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)
2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP)

Naturepedic Recognized For Using Safer Chemistries

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) is an initiative across the U.S. associated with federal and a number of state level environmental protection agencies. The NPPR has a program called “2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP)” which recognizes facilities that reduce the use of hazardous and toxic chemicals of concern to human health and the environment, by, among other things, selecting and using safer alternatives (benign or low toxicity materials). The NPPR Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP) initiative has recognized Naturepedic for designing and manufacturing products with safer chemistries.

Naturepedic manufactures mattresses and related accessories without toxic or controversial chemicals.

Naturepedic uses the environmentally established Precautionary Principle to avoid toxic and controversial chemicals in favor of preferred materials such as organic cotton fabrics, organic cotton fill, organic wool (adult models), and organic latex (adult models).

Naturepedic designs and manufactures their products without the use of polyurethane foam, “soybean foam” or “eco-foam” (which is polyurethane foam), vinyl, phthalates or phthalate substitutes, brominated or chlorinated fire retardants, perfluorinated compounds, pesticides, antimicrobials, adhesives, or synthetic latex rubber.

As new product and market opportunities arise, Naturepedic is committed to developing and manufacturing new products without chemicals of concern.

Download the powerpoint presention SCCP_Presentation.pdf.

2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP) / 2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP)