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deluxe heavy-duty bed frame
Heavy-Duty Support for Your Mattress
The emBrace bed frame features contoured side rails supported by elegantly tapered legs. Made from hardened recycled railroad steel, it can support weights up to 5000 lbs. It is also perfectly silent, actively eliminating sound that results from contact between the foundation and the frame by absorbing contact pressure. It can be used free standing or in conjunction with an existing headboard. Designed to be used without a bed skirt. Super-easy assembly.

Recommended for all models, particularly queen size and larger.
5-in-1 bed frame
Heavy-Duty Support for Your Mattress
The Monster bed frame features oversized hardened steel side rails with an extended length of 71". Seven points of contact provide excellent stability. Adjusts to all standard bed sizes making this frame extremely versatile.

Suitable for all straight-top models and pillow/eurotop models full size and below.

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