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3" Top/Comfort Layer

Option 1: Organic Latex Foam 3"
Latex is ideal as a top/comfort layer as it does an excellent job of contouring to your body, relieving pressure points and providing luxurious comfort. It's made by harvesting latex sap from a rubber tree, then curing it into a comfortable luxurious foam. Unlike synthetic and even all-natural blends, we only source our latex foam from reputable certified organic suppliers, ensuring purity, fair labor practices and support for healthy farming to protect our planet's latex forests. The finished foam is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and is wrapped in GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. Available in soft, medium and firm..
Option 2: Microcoils 3" (Latex-Free)
Designed for maximum heat dissipation and breathability, our double layer of 1.5" micro-coils is comfortable, body conforming, and long lasting (due to its premium heat-tempered coils). It provides isolation of movement, pressure point relieving comfort and a resilient alternative to latex and foam. 1900 coils in a queen size. Available in soft only.

Help me choose: Most of our customers tend to choose latex for this layer. Those customers with latex allergy concerns or those focused on a more breathable design tend to choose microcoils. More FAQ