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Understanding Your EOS Mattress

The diagram below is an overview of how your EOS mattress is constructed. One of the best features of the EOS is its hybrid design. Combining latex with coils creates a more breathable mattress with better heat dissipation. It also scores higher in comfort comparisons with all-latex mattresses. Improved heat dissipation reduces tossing and turning for a deeper more rejuvinating sleep. Less latex in your mattress also means less fuel load in the event of a fire, making your mattress safer. Finally, encased coils are more effective as a support layer since they articulate better (with efficient 360° tilt). This is in contrast with a firm ILD latex or foam which doesn't quite "move" as well.

The EOS has two main component layers - the comfort layer and the support layer.

The comfort layer determines how the surface or top of your bed will feel and is most responsible for pressure point relief and surface comfort.

The support layer determines how deep you will sink into the bed and is most responsible for postural alignment and balanced support.

The EOS internal "comfort" and "support" layers are both designed to fit snuggly and together create the proper support for the mattress (as well as maintain its structural shape). As well, this balance also provides for conforming postural support.


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