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8" Support/Bottom Layer

Option 1: Encased Coils 8"
This option offers excellent support and heat dissipation/breathability and is perfect for those seeking a mattres that "sleeps cool." Its premium tempered coils are individually wrapped for full body-contouring comfort in a durable fabric made from plant based PLA. The coils are then assembled using ultrasonic sealing instead of the usual adhesives and glues (a Naturepedic exclusive). This design ensures isolation of movement, pressure point relief, durable support and the elimination of harmful chemicals. 850 coils in a queen size. Available in firm and plush.
Option 2: Organic Latex Foam 8"
Choose latex support if you prefer the feel of latex to the more traditional feel of coils. Latex tends to have a "deader" feel as well that some prefer. The latex support layer can also be more easily swapped (ships as two 4" pieces).
Available in firm and plush.

Help me choose: We generally recommend encased coils for this layer as it provides all the necessary support in a more breathable design.

Tip: For customers who have their hearts set on a latex feel but also want a mattress that sleeps cool, choose latex for this layer and microcoils for the comfort/top layer.