Serenade Organic Hybrid Mattress

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Perfectly simple and elegant, the Serenade offers comfortable organic healthy sleep at its best.  Our 8" glueless coils provide balanced support without toxic glues.  Premium natural latex offers a smooth feel without polyurethane foam or memory foam.    Firm or Cushion-Firm options.  Made with safest & healthiest materials on Earth. 100% GOTS certified and approved organic cotton, wool & latex. No flame retardents.


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Pay Once As low as $1,699.00
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The Serenade Organic Mattress offers contouring comfort and a universal design that appeals to just about every sleeper. Built with a comfy layer of organic latex and supportive encased coils, the Serenade comes in two firmness options so you can choose your ideal amount of support. Made without harmful chemicals, the Serenade provides a healthier night’s sleep to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed each morning. Its organic design eliminates the need for flame retardants while still meeting all federal flammability standards. With the Serenade, you'll be asleep in no time. For a customized sleep consultation, visit a store near you.


MT63-F/CF TWIN 38" x 75" x 11"
MT63XL-F/CF TWIN XL 38" x 80" x 11"
MF63-F/CF FULL 53" x 75" x 11"
MQ63-F/CF QUEEN 60" x 80" x 11"
MK63-F/CF KING 76" x 80" x 11"
MCK63-F/CF CAL KING 72" x 84" x 11"


Comfort Level:  FIRM and CUSHION-FIRM options

Slat spacing under mattress should be no more than 3"

Made in U.S.A. with domestic and imported fabric and components

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What is the difference between "firm" and "cushion-firm"?

The Serenade comes in two firmnesses; Firm, and Cushion-Firm. "Cushion-Firm" means that it has firm support deeper down, so you will not sink in to the mattress much, but the surface will still feel soft and plush. If you are looking for a plush mattress, try our EOS or EOS PillowtopEOS Pillowtop.

Does the Serenade Organic Mattress work with an adjustable base?


Does the Serenade Organic Mattress require assembly?

No. The Serenade comes roll-packed which means it just needs about a minute to expand and it is ready to go!

What is the difference between the Chorus and the Serenade?

The main difference is that the Serenade has a 2" layer of natural latex instead of microcoils on the Chorus.

Do the coils contain glue/adhesives?

No. Naturepedic has a proprietary method of assembling coils without using adhesives.

Do other "Organic" mattress manufacturers use glues/adhesives in their coils?

Yes. To our knowledge, Naturepedic is the only organic mattress manufacturer to offer adhesive-free coils across our entire line. We know this because we had to invent a new technology and build our own equipment in order to do it. Adhesives are known to contain toxic ingredients. A typical mattress can contain 5 or 10 lbs of adhesives. Beware of claims from other manufacturers that they don't use adhesives to "bind layers" together. This is a dubious claim since they are referring to the layers above the coils. It is a way of making you think there are no adhesives in the mattress. However, there are probably several pounds of adhesives in the coil system, which they don't consider to be part of "layers". If it does not specifically say there are no adhesives in the coils, then there probably are!

How long is the trial period?

100 days plus free returns.

How does the Serenade mattress ship?

The Serenade ships via Fedex Ground. It is roll-packed which means it is compressed before shipping. This makes it easier to get into your house and to its final destination.

Does compressing and roll/packing a mattress ruin it?

Actually, it is the opposite. The compression process "breaks in" the mattress at every point on the bed evenly which makes it less likely that the materials will compress only in the places where a person lays. Also, roll-packed mattresses are usually more robust because they are built to handle the roll-packing process.

Do I need a foundation/boxspring with the Serenade mattress?

No. The purpose of a foundation is to support the mattress above it and to bring the surface of the mattress to a height that is comfortable for getting in and out of bed. If you have a bed that comes with a supportive platform at the correct height, there is no need for a foundation. If your platform is made of slats, please ensure that the spacing between slats is no more than 3" apart. Slats that are spaced too far apart can create waviness in the bottom of the mattress over time.

Where can I try the Serenade Organic Mattress in person?

Check out our Find a Store page for a location near you.

Is the firm version of the Serenade your firmest mattress?

The firm version is pretty firm, but if you want the absolute firmest mattress we well, get the EOS mattress in Extra-Firm. One benefit of EOS is that you can change the mattress firmness if it is not just right.

What is the maximum weight limit for the Serenade Organic Mattress?

Twin/TwinXL - 325 lbs, Full - 450 lbs, Queen - 550 lbs, King / Cal King - 700 lbs.