12 Common Toxins That Can Harm Your Child’s Health

12 Common Children Toxins

To help keep parents informed we have created a list of 12 common toxins that can harm your child’s health. From known carcinogens, VOCs, endocrine disruptors and more:

12 Common Toxins Infographic

These toxins show up in a variety of children’s products. Shockingly, 9 out of 12 listed are frequently found in crib mattresses!

Luckily, there is a crib mattress brand that has left out all of the potentially harsh chemicals:

1. Certified organic cotton fabric and filling

2. Food-grade polyethylene waterproofing

3. Steel innersprings or food-grade polyethylene support

What’s not in a Naturepedic?

1. Polyurethane foam or any version of it (so-called eco, bio-based, soybean foams)

2. Formaldehyde potentially found in polyurethane foam or flame retardant chemicals

3. Flame retardants of any kind including “natural” flame barriers that use antimony or boric acid

4. Waterproofing agents such as PVC with phthalates or PFCs

5. Antibacterial treatments, pesticides or biocides

6. Latex, Coir with Latex, Wool or other potentially allergenic materials

You can download the infographic above HERE for a handy reference when shopping or to share with your friends and family.