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"Sleep organic without the toxins!"

"Sleep organic without the toxins!"

"I wasn't convinced that organic mattresses work. I used to own one and developed lower back problems… I was therefore reluctant to try Naturepedic’s mattress. To my surprise, after trying it out and sleeping on it for over a month, my back felt as good as always…Their smart design allows you to pick different firmness for each side of the bed!… The founder of the company and I share a similar vision; we uncompromisingly believe in organic, environmentally-friendly and transparent products, especially in an unregulated industry such as this. For all these reasons, I love this mattress and wholeheartedly recommend Naturepedic to our Hormones & Balance community. The mattress I chose was the EOS Pillowtop."

-Magdalena Wszelaki

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Available from extra-firm to plush.

3" organic latex, 8" encased coils

12" profile with one zippered compartment

QUEEN $2,999QUEEN $4,199 CAD


Available from firm to ultra-plush.

6" organic latex, 8" encased coils

15" profile with two zippered compartments

QUEEN $3,999QUEEN $5,599 CAD


Available from extra-firm to plush.

9" organic latex, no coils

10" profile with one zippered compartment

QUEEN $3,499QUEEN $4,899 CAD

EOS PILLOWTOP (Magdalena's Choice)

Uniquely Customizable

Our EOS beds are designed for customization. With our unique modular approach, you can swap out layers at anytime to change the way your bed feels. You can even change your mind years later! Additionally, you can split the bed internally to accomodate separate comfort levels for you and your sleep partner. This flexibility eliminates the comfort risk associated with buying a new mattress. After all, a good night's sleep is just too important for compromise.

Comfort Guarantee

In addition to our standard 90 day money back guarantee, you can swap any EOS layer within 90 days for FREE! Simply purchase your new layers and return your original layers using a prepaid return label. You will then be refunded the full amount of the new layers!


From luxurious fabrics to fluffy fill, Naturepedic uses organic cotton throughout its products. Organic wool is also used for its comfortable moisture wicking properties and splendid natural bounce. Organic latex provides pressure point relief and a smooth luxurious feel, while PLA, a high-performance fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane, adds resiliency and improved moisture wicking. These sought after materials work together to create a symphony of comfort and offer an excellent alternative to traditional fabrics and foams.


Featuring smart natural designs, Naturepedic completely eliminates all flame retardant chemicals and barriers from its products while still passing all government flammability standards. Naturepedic also eliminates many other harmful chemicals found in mattresses. This means safer, healthier sleep.

Use code hormonesbalance15