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Passionate about health, safety and the environment

Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of our customers through safer, healthier sleep. By avoiding materials like polyurethane foam and flame retardants from our line of GOTS certified organic mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while helping to protect the environment. In our opinion, following the requirements of our various certifications as reasonably as possible results in products that are safer and healthier for people and planet.

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The organic movement is all about health and the preservation of our natural world. We support this movement because we care and because we believe it's a positive force for the betterment of our lives and the lives of countless generations to come.

We all have the power to affect change with the simple choices we make. While there's an inherent cost to choosing organic, it's ultimately in our best interest and well worth the time and effort. At Naturepedic, we go the extra mile and don't cut corners. We buy our materials from trustworthy sources, build our products with care, and stand behind them 100%.


Since our inception, we've been on a mission to eliminate toxic chemicals from mattresses and bedding. In fact, our founder has been chasing chemicals his whole life as an environmental engineer.

Chemicals can be a tricky topic since they're not visible and much depends on levels of exposure. However, the harm can be catastrophic as these chemicals interact with our body's natural chemistry in unpredictable ways. At Naturepedic, we follow the precautionary principle by trying to eliminate any questionable chemicals in the first place.

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The closest habitable planet is yet to be discovered and undoubtedly really really far away (we're talking light years here). We need to pull out all the stops to preserve the most amazing gift we've been given - the earth itself. By saving our planet and our delicate ecosystem, we're actually saving ourselves. Enough with all the fossil fuels, chemicals and synthetic everything. You can make a difference with something as simple as the products you buy. Choosing a certified organic mattress helps support this important cause for all our sake. We invite you to join in our mission of promoting healthier more natural sleep products.

we began the way you began - seeking a safer mattress

Picture of Barry Cik

Naturepedic was founded by Barry A. Cik, a veteran in the field of environmental engineering with over 30 years of experience chasing chemicals. In anticipation of his first grandchild, Barry went searching for a suitable baby crib mattress. Sadly, he found that all of the crib mattress offerings on the market were completely unacceptable. Most bedding manufacturers, to his shock, used harmful chemicals and materials in both the assembly process and the final products. “I knew all about vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, and the various chemicals contained in them, and there was no way I was going to put my grandchild to sleep within a few inches of these chemicals.”

Barry then set out to find a suitable organic baby crib mattress, but no organic mattress company offered what he was looking for. “All of the organic baby crib mattresses on the market were not waterproof… if the mattress were to get wet, it would grow mold and fungus without any effective way to clean it.” According to Barry, “the organic baby mattresses were nothing more than miniaturized adult mattresses, which made little sense for babies.”

Barry, together with his two sons, set out to found Naturepedic, a mattress and bedding manufacturer dedicated to providing parents with more non-toxic and organic alternatives. They created the first and only organic baby crib mattress designed with a patented food-grade waterproof surface made from non-GMO sugarcane with various breathable options. Since then, Naturepedic has led the industry by introducing organic mattresses designed for kids as well as highly sought-after luxury organic mattresses for adults.

Today, Naturepedic has a large and growing network of retail outlets and signature Organic Mattress Galleries across the country and abroad, and has launched many new products and models to meet the growing demand for high-quality more non-toxic mattresses and bedding. Throughout all of this, Naturepedic has remained faithful to its mission of providing safer, healthier sleep in an economically competitive and environmentally responsible way.


Daniel is one of Barry's grandchildren and has grown up with Naturepedic throughout the years. He modeled for Naturepedic as a baby, kid, and now as an adult. He has slept on Naturepedic his whole life and encourages everyone else to do so as well. "Choose an organic mattress and thank me later" says Daniel. He is living proof that  choosing organic pays dividends in health and comfort, while making a difference in the quality of your sleep and the preservation of the  environment. "Growing up with Naturepedic has truly been a privilege. I've worked in the factory, sales, and marketing departments and truly feel like I'm part of the solution. You too can be part of the solution by choosing Naturepedic!"


As a family-owned business with an excellent reputation for quality products and great customer service, Naturepedic is proud to offer the very best certified organic mattresses. We use a combination of domestic and imported fabric and components when crafting our mattresses. Many of our workers are skilled Amish craftspeople who take pride in their work, paying special attention to every detail. When you buy a Naturepedic mattress, you can feel proud of your support for U.S. jobs and industry. You can also be assured that your bed was crafted by people who care.


We've been leading the organic mattress revolution for over 15 years and we do it right.

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