Here’s How Mattresses Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

The truth is, that ‘new mattress smell’ is actually toxic chemicals being released into the air in your bedroom. By considering the possible impacts to our air quality, we can mitigate the risk VOCs pose to our health.


Closet Turned Nursery: Naturepedic Gifts Family with Sustainable Nursery Makeover for Rainbow Baby

At Naturepedic, we believe in giving every baby the best and healthiest start. Hear how we transformed a closet into a beautiful organic, eco-friendly nursery as part of our first Sustainable Nursery Giveaway!

7 days ago

Relax, It Happens Naturally: Potty Training Tips for Parents

By remembering to model, motivate, practice, and play, parents can rest assured that your child will be potty trained in no time.

9 days ago

Celebrating Earth Day with Naturepedic: Why Transparency Matters

This Earth Day at Naturepedic, we’re advocating for widespread use of sustainable, chemical-free materials in mattresses and transparency in organic claims.

15 days ago

The Best Houseplants for Your Bedroom According to NASA

In NASA’s landmark Clean Air Study, researchers identified 50 plants that are known to remove toxins and improve air quality in the home. Here are 6 house plants that NASA says you need in your bedroom and why.

22 days ago

4 Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body

If you’re a regular 8-hour-per-night sleeper, getting only 7 actually means you’re sleep deprived. What exactly is sleep deprivation and how does it impact your physical wellness?

29 days ago

Don’t Be Fooled by These Sleep Aids

If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Before you turn to the latest sleep aid, we’re here to debunk some of the common sleep products that, while comforting, may not be the answer to your insomnia.

1 month ago

A Guide to Deep-Cleaning Your Bedroom

When’s the last time you deep-cleaned your bedroom? How about your mattress and bedding? Here’s a quick-and-easy guide to clean your bedroom with organic methods. 

1 month ago

How to Clean Your Mattress

You want to keep the space where you spend a third of your life clean and fresh, right? Find out why it’s important to clean your mattress and our recommended cleaning methods.

1 month ago

The Art of The Power Nap

Mastering the art of napping can give a whole new meaning to feeling rested during the day. Discover the ideal length of time for a midday power nap in our latest blog.

2 months ago


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