Our Environmental Commitment Statement

We believe we are all interconnected with the natural world. That’s why Naturepedic commits to using our influence as an industry leader to support and nourish that world. As a manufacturer, we pledge to protect the environment through the:

  • Materials we source
  • Products we create
  • Business practices we use

Naturepedic is equally committed to protecting the personal sleep environment of our customers by producing products specifically designed to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and to foster better indoor air quality.

trees in forest collecting sap from organic rubber treestrees in forest collecting sap from organic rubber trees

Our “Caring for the Environment Inside and Out” Program

To uphold our environmental commitment, Naturepedic implemented our “Caring for the Environment Inside and Out” program. This initiative focuses on protecting both the sleep environment inside of our homes and the larger environment outside in our living planet. The program includes:

Organic Materials Sourcing

Naturepedic sources certified organic materials to reduce the environmental impact of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. For example, we purchase only organic cotton fabrics certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This avoids the environmental devastation caused by the chlorine bleaching and toxic dyes frequently found in conventional fabrics.

Similarly, our latex is always Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified or FSC® certified by Preferred by Nature, a partner of Rainforest Alliance. Naturepedic cares about protecting the earth’s delicate rain forest areas and the people living and working in these regions.

Vigilant Testing and Standards

We constantly evaluate our materials for environmental impact and health risks. We avoid toxic chemicals like flame retardants and adhesives, and we support third-party testing protocols including GREENGUARD and independent laboratory tests.

Purpose-driven Business Practices

We’ve also implemented a range of internal programs to ensure we:

  • Fit into a circular system
  • Reduce energy use
  • Increase renewable energy use
  • Use recycled content in supply chains
  • Support biodiversity
  • Advocate for social causes
download the naturepedic sustainability reportdownload the naturepedic sustainability report

Get the Naturepedic 2020-2021 Sustainability Report

At Naturepedic, we value transparency and we aim to always hold ourselves accountable to the promises we make –
both to people and planet. That’s why we publicly release reports that show our progress.

Caring for the environment inside and out