2" Alpaca Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton Fabric

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Indulge in an Alpaca Wool Mattress Topper from Naturepedic. Featuring ethically sourced alpaca wool from the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains and encased with OCS certified organic cotton for luxurious temperature regulation and supreme softness. Alpaca wool is considered by many to be hypoallergenic too since it contains minimal levels of lanolin compared to other types of wool.


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Pay Once As low as $599.00
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Sink into distinct plushness with natural fibers that help regulate your body’s temperature.

Luxury from top to bottom? Look no further than Naturepedic’s Alpaca Mattress Topper. Crafted to perfection with Peruvian alpaca wool wrapped in certified organic cotton, this high-end, plush mattress topper epitomizes our dedication to comfort and conscience without compromise. One of the most thermoregulating natural fibers on Earth, alpaca wool is renowned for its remarkable insulating and moisture-wicking properties with breathability that provides year-round bliss – all without lanolin (the common allergen found in sheep’s wool) or any of the flame retardants and synthetic fills you might find in traditional toppers. Indulge in this exquisitely soft mattress topper and discover comfort redefined.

5 stars5 stars

(Verified Buyer)

Love our new pillows!

"My husband and I each like different heights so we've been able to make adjustable and I love that it's all organic. I will never go back to a regular pillow again... They're great."

What Makes Our Alpaca Mattress Topper So Lush?


Originating from alpacas that thrive in the extreme high and low temperatures of the Andes Mountains, alpaca wool boasts a lightweight, airy structure and excellent thermal regulation. Its fleece, renowned as a superior insulator, contains microscopic air pockets that offer exceptional warmth while ensuring breathability as well. This innate ability to combat drastic temperature changes helps keeps you comfortably regulated throughout the night, in every season.


There’s a reason alpaca wool is one of the most in-demand fibers in the world. Once reserved for Incan royalty, it’s highly functional with a softness that rivals cashmere. Alpaca wool contains bacteria-suppressing keratin, but does not contain lanolin in the same way as sheep's wool. This makes it a more hypoallergenic choice. Oh, and it’s considered non-flammable with a 1st Class designation from US CPSC Commissions Rating. Our alpaca duvet is lightweight, lofty and luxurious – the ideal choice for those with allergies, sensitive skin or simply a preference for the finer things in life.


Our alpaca wool is conscientiously shorn from free-range alpacas reared in the highlands of Peru with the utmost care for the animals’ well-being. By sourcing directly from a small array of Peruvian suppliers, we’re able to support sustainable practices and help bolster the local economy for communities of the Andes mountains. (And our alpaca duvet’s encasement is made with OCS certified organic cotton to protect the health of our people and planet alike.)


Make any mattress a pillowtop mattress with plush layers of supportive alpaca wool that offer cloud-like comfort and soothing pressure point relief. Sleeping atop two inches of luxurious, moisture-wicking alpaca wool batting, you'll feel like your bedroom is your own soothing sanctuary in the mountains. 


5 stars5 stars

Quality unmatched

"8 hours every night laying on a product is a big deal. I've been sleeping with this pillow the last week and I'm loving it. So many options to tweak and make it the perfect level of comfort. Will be buying two more soon!"

Alicia (Verified Buyer)

5 stars5 stars

Best pillow I've ever owned

"I am so happy with this purchase! There was no weird smell like other similar brands... and it's beyond comfortable. I rarely have to adjust the pillow at all. I've owned many expensive pillows but this takes the cake... Very pleased with this company and product, would definitely buy from them again!"

Lacey (Verified Buyer)

5 stars5 stars

No longer have neck pain

"This pillow has truly been amazing. I don't wake up with a stiff neck anymore. It's fully adjustable and you can remove some filling if needed but the amount given was perfect... I definitely recommend."

Kelly (Verified Buyer)


Not only are the materials we use organic/non-toxic, we go the extra mile to independantly prove it!

Made Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredientsMade Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredients


Naturepedic products are certified to meet the Organic Content Standard (OCS), demonstrating that the organic fiber in our products has been independently verified. 

Made Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredientsMade Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredients


Naturepedic products have been scrutinized by experts to help eliminate harmful ingredients, vapor releases, gases or by-products that could impact human health and our ecosystems.

Greenguard Gold and Formaldehyde-Free Certified LogosGreenguard Gold and Formaldehyde-Free Certified Logos


Naturepedic products have been tested and certified by UL/GREENGUARD laboratories for low chemical emissions. They are additionally certified to meet their formaldehyde-free standard.

Certified Organic + More

Not only are the materials and factory certified, but the entire finished product is certified as well.

GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Control Union 864025GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Control Union 864025
Made Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredientsMade Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredients
Greenguard Gold Certified LogoGreenguard Gold Certified Logo
Greenguard Formaldehyde-Free ValidatedGreenguard Formaldehyde-Free Validated
Zero Toxics LogoZero Toxics Logo
1% For the Planet Logo1% For the Planet Logo
Environmental Advocacy LogosEnvironmental Advocacy Logos

Sustainability As A Priority

Naturepedic's mission includes a strong focus on environmental sustainability. From responsibly sourcing natural and certified organic materials to becoming the first mattress manufacturer ever to earn the EWG VERIFIED® distinction to implementing a packaging system that helps keep 55,000 pounds of single-use plastic out of landfills each year, we are continuously working to improve. Plus, as a 1% for the Planet member, we support the environment. When you sleep on a certified organic mattress and bedding, you’re part of a much bigger solution … tonight and every night, for generations to come.

Sustainable At Its Core

Naturepedic's mission includes a strong focus on environmental sustainability. We pride ourself on being one of the world's healthiest and most sustainable sleep brands. We continuously work to improve ourselves and make the world a better place through cleaner, healthier and more sustainable materials and practices. By choosing natural and organic materials in place of petroleum-based foams and fabrics, you can make a meaningful differnece in helping preserve our precious environment. Take a stand and choose a mattress made with natural, organic and sustainable materials. Together we can save the planet, and ourselves in the process.

Environmental Advocacy LogosEnvironmental Advocacy Logos
Family reading a book in bedFamily reading a book in bed

unmatched quality

We've searched the world over for the best natural fibers, weavers and sewers so you can enjoy quality that is truly unparalleled. We've done the research and it is our honor to bring you the comfiest and most luxurious bedding available anywhere. Don't compromise on your sleep – you deserve the best!

Sheets and pillow on bedSheets and pillow on bed

100-night free trial

Try our signature bedding risk-free for 100 nights. If you're not completely satisfied, we will happily take it back for a full refund (applies only to orders placed directly with Naturepedic). We are humbled by your trust and will do everything in our power to ensure your absolute satisfaction. 

Bed with sheets draped acrossBed with sheets draped across

1 year limited warranty

We stand behind our products 100% and have been making organic bedding for over 20 years.

With first-class customer service and a 1-Year Limited Warranty, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.




PQ94-ALPC Queen 60” x 80” 900 GSM Alpaca Wool
PK94-ALPC King 76” x 80” 900 GSM Alpaca Wool
PCK94-ALPC CalKing 72” x 84” 900 GSM Alpaca Wool

FABRIC:  GOTS certified organic cotton
FILL:  Appx 900 GSM Alpaca Wool
Made in the Peruvian Andes
Care: Spot Clean Only. However, if laundering is absolutely required, we recommend using a professional laundering service (note laundering, not dry cleaning). If you attempt to launder at home, machine wash warm with a mild detergent on delicate cycle in a machine without a center agitator. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Repeat rinse cycle an additional 1-2 times to ensure the detergent is completely removed. Dry using low heat well beyond the point where the outer fabric feels dry so the inner wool will be fully dry. No iron. Please note that high heat will cause the wool to shrink considerably. Results may be unpredictable due to the thickness of the topper.


Wooly 3" Organic Mattress TopperWooly 3" Organic Mattress Topper

3" Wooly

Thick layers of fluffy GOTS certified organic wool

QUEEN $999

2" Adagio Organic Latex Topper2" Adagio Organic Latex Topper

2" Adagio

Soft GOTS-approved latex that's smooth as butter

QUEEN $749


PLA Pillow with Organic FabricPLA Pillow with Organic Fabric

PLA Pillow w/Organic Fabric

This fiber-based pillow features an organic cotton outer fabric with PLA filling (made from non-GMO sugarcane). It provides a comfortable, fiber-based feel.


Solid Organic Latex PillowSolid Organic Latex Pillow

Organic Solid Latex Pillow

Featuring a solid core of extra soft organic latex, this pillow is resilient and supportive while cradling your head for proper spinal alignment.


Organic Wooly PillowOrganic Wooly Pillow

Wooly Pillow

This fiber-based pillow features GOTS certified organic wool fiber that's been curled into small resilient balls for a resilient and cradling feel that's extremely moisture wicking.


Down Pillow with Organic FabricDown Pillow with Organic Fabric

Down Pillow w/Organic Fabric

This down pillow features an organic cotton outer fabric with 750 fill power IDS certified USA duck down for a soft, fluffy, and luxurious feel.