5 Signs It’s Time To Go to Bed

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By Naturepedic Team
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5 Signs It’s Time To Go to Bed

5 signs its time for bed

You’ve probably heard of the circadian rhythm, the “internal clock” that helps you know when it’s time to sleep and wake. This biological clock is controlled by part of your brain that responds to light and dark, affecting your hormone production and internal body temperature, among other bodily functions.

If this rhythm is so sophisticated, why do so many people have trouble falling asleep or getting good quality sleep? Unfortunately, our modern world full of appliances, smart devices, and even electric lights can throw off the balance of our natural rhythm and require interventions like sleep medication, melatonin supplementation, and more.

Let’s get back to basics! This blog post will outline five signs your body uses to signal that it’s time to go to bed. You should be able to pick up at least one tip that helps you get in touch with your body’s natural sleep cycle and rhythm.

1. You’re Nodding Off: If you can rest your eyes for a moment on the couch and fall asleep instantly, you’re sleep deprived and it’s time to head to bed. The period of time it takes you to fall asleep is called sleep latency - and if it’s less than about five minutes, you are probably suffering from sleep deprivation. If you start nodding off, it’s a sign you need to plan more time for sleep. Aim to get at least six hours a night, but seven to nine is better.

2.You’re Zoning Out: Another common sign of fatigue is losing focus or “zoning out.” Maybe you lose your train of thought while having a conversation, or you might not be able to recall what you had for lunch or if you went to the gym already today. This loss of focus means you need to rest up.

3. You’re Craving Carbs: If you crave white refined grain products or sugary sweet treats, your body is jonesing for a quick energy fix. Try having an earlier night instead of a late night snack, and see if that cuts back on your evening cravings, in turn helping you sleep better.

4. You’re Starting to Wake Back Up: Most people get a second wind around 9:00-9:30pm, which is your body’s way of pushing you into a few more hours of wakefulness. While this is helpful once in awhile, it’s not something you want to do often (as so many people do). Take note of when you get your second wind, and make that your new bedtime so you don’t have to fight sleep for hours after your body kicks back into gear.

5. You’re Feeling Cooler: Body temperature decreases for sleep, so if you start to feel like bundling up under a cozy blanket on the couch, it may be time to head to your bedroom instead and get some ZZZs.

Have you noticed any of these five signs in your own life? Pay attention to your body’s cues in the evenings and take advantage of the sweet spot when your body naturally winds down.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Go to Bed

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