How To Get a Bad Sleep Schedule Back on Track

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How To Get a Bad Sleep Schedule Back on Track

How To Get a Bad Sleep Schedule Back on Track

One night of breaking your regular sleep schedule seems like no big deal. One night may not be an issue, that is true, but the more you disrupt your sleep schedule, the harder it is to get back on track. Are you doomed for a lifetime of bad sleep if you slip-up a few times?

Not necessarily. You can get back to a restful night sleeps and sweet dreams with these tips!

Manipulate Your Lighting...Day and Night

Your lighting, or lack of lighting, can be your strongest partner in resetting your sleep schedule. You need to manipulate your lighting both in the morning and night to actually fix your sleep. Reset your internal clock by shining a bright light in the morning. Open the shade, take a walk outside, whatever it takes to get your sleep schedule back on track.

As for the evenings, make sure your lights are dim and electronics are off. Even if you haven’t been going to sleep when you should, this absence of light will trick your body into falling to sleep more easily.

Schedule Your Meals to Fit With Your Sleep Schedule

There’s a number of ways your diet can play a role in getting your sleep back to normal, including when you eat. In fact, if you are serious about reversing your sleep schedule, try “fasting.” No, we don’t mean not eating for days on end. Try to eat an earlier dinner (two to three hours before bedtime) and try to avoid eating again until breakfast. This “fast” can reset the internal clock and get you back to sleeping right.

Cool It Down

Sleeping hot isn’t just sweaty and uncomfortable, it’s also hindering your ability to sleep. Turns out cold temperatures not only allow you to cozy up in comfy blankets, they also help you rest easier. If you’re trying to fix an out of whack sleep schedule, try cranking up the air or letting in a cold breeze. The chilled air makes for an environment that is more conducive to sleeping well again.

A new mattress could also help fix an off-track sleep schedule! Learn how to tell if it's time for an upgrade.

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How To Get a Bad Sleep Schedule Back on Track

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