Will Our Crib Mattress Fit Your Crib? | Naturepedic Blog

Will Our Crib Mattress Fit Your Crib?

Will Our Crib Mattress Fit Your Crib? | Naturepedic Blog

Starting to shop for a crib mattress for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy? When browsing, you may be surprised to find that from brand to brand cribs don’t just differ aesthetically. In fact, there is no set crib mattress size!

If you have already purchased a crib, you can’t just blindly choose a mattress to accompany it. The number one thing to look for when choosing your child’s crib mattress is safety. So when choosing a crib mattress to safely fit inside your baby’s crib, look for a model that will pass the recommended two-finger measurement test between crib and mattress.

We know we can’t pass this test for every crib with our crib mattress. But when designing our crib mattress, we do seek to fit in as many cribs as possible so your baby can have their safest, healthiest sleep. That’s why we look at the industry minimum and maximum sizes for cribs and crib mattresses and design our mattresses to fit within this size range. Our standard crib mattress size is 27 ¼ x 51 ⅝ x 6 inches.

Because of these dimensions, customers have said the following cribs work with our crib mattresses:

- Romina

- Crate & Barrel (Land of Nod)

- Westwood – Harper

- OEUF – Sparrow

- Delta Children

- Sorelle

- Graco

- Nest Crib

- Restoration Hardware

- Child Craft

- Fisher Price

On the other hand, our mattresses will not safely fit in the following cribs:

- Million Dollar Baby Classic

- DaVinci

- Babyletto (Hudson & Lolli)

- Nurseryworks

- Franklin & Ben

- Ubabub

- Baby Mod – Walmart model

- ABC – JC Penny model

- Jenny Lind

- Carter’s by DaVinci – Bed Bath & Beyond model

- Ikea

Please do remember that this list is not the end all, be all. Always be cautious with your baby’s safety and double check when picking the right size mattress for your crib. And what else should you look for when picking a crib mattress? Breathability!

*DISCLAIMER: Crib size can also vary by model and manufacturing date. We cannot make any guarantees on if our mattress will fit a crib. The cribs listed are ones that customers have yet to say do not fit with our mattresses.

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