Max Cure Foundation + Naturepedic: Could the Chemicals You’re Sleeping on Cause Cancer?

Max Cure Foundation + Naturepedic: Could the Chemicals You’re Sleeping on Cause Cancer?


Have you ever considered what’s inside of your family’s mattresses, which you each spend almost a third of the day sleeping on? Are the materials, fabrics, and springs made with ingredients that could potentially affect your family’s health?

In most traditional mattresses, it is common for materials such as synthetic latex viscoelastic, and other flexible polyurethane foams to be used. Made predominantly from petroleum, polyurethane foam has been deemed a “toxic nightmare” by some advocates and medical reviewers for the amount of health-hazardous chemicals it contains.

Many traditional mattresses — and even kids’ and crib mattresses — are also doused in toxic flame retardants to pass government-ordered flammability requirements. A common flame-retardant chemical that’s used to treat mattress fabrics is antimony (i.e. antimony trioxide/pentoxide, sodium antimonate, and various halogen combinations).

Why is this scary? Antimony is a known poison and carcinogen. Since mattresses made with these toxic flame retardants usually off-gas, carcinogens in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could be released into your family’s sleep environment.

When it comes to your children, there is no room for compromise. Fortunately, parents that are concerned with the carcinogenic effects of toxic chemicals can rest assured that what your kids are sleeping on contains safer, healthier materials by choosing Naturepedic. Especially during Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we're dedicated to education and the future of our children.

At Naturepedic, we have thoroughly researched the safety of mattresses and how they’re made because we care deeply about the safety and health of our customers.

Why sleep on a mattress that's ridden with potentially cancer-causing chemicals when you can choose a safer organic option made by Naturepedic?

In an effort to promote good health and cancer-free living, Naturepedic has partnered with The Max Cure Foundation to offer 20% off our products to all survivors of cancer. The Max Cure Foundation’s mission is to fund research for the development of pediatric cancer drug therapies including the discovery of less toxic treatments for children with cancer. We believe in this mission and want to do our part to support organic living and reduce the prevalence of childhood — and all — cancers.

At Naturepedic, we pride ourselves on being the leading organic mattress brand when it comes to transparency and safety. It is our promise that we will always take care to eliminate harmful chemicals and known carcinogens from all our products.