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People Love Naturepedic

People Love Naturepedic
Learn how Naturepedic has helped provide quality sleep.

Parents and Doctors Agree — Naturepedic is the Healthier Option

Seeking a bed for yourself, a loved one, or simply a guest room? Rest easy on a Naturepedic mattress. Naturepedic organic mattresses are trusted by parents, doctors and scientists alike to provide a more non-toxic, natural and organic sleep environment.

Disclaimer: Naturepedic carries many certifications, endorsements, awards, approvals, and recommendations. Naturepedic also belongs to various professional associations and participates in various environmental and sustainability advocacy initiatives. Naturepedic financially supports some of these organizations that share its mission of improving health and safety. Some of these individuals and organizations provide certifications, endorsements, awards, approvals, and recommendations, and some charge fees for their work in reviewing and evaluating products. Some receive complimentary or discounted products in exchange for their honest reviews. Some charge a licensing fee for use of their trademarks and/or service marks. Naturepedic has paid any applicable fees.


  • Dr. Arthur Lavin, PediatricianBeachwood, OH

    My name is Dr. Arthur Lavin, and I have practiced pediatrics for over 30 years. Evidence now establishes that known chemicals in our world can cause damage to a baby's brain leading to lifelong difficulties such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and learning disorders. Parents in my practice often ask me, what can they do to protect their child from the toxic chemicals that seem to be in every part of our worlds. One thing they can do is make sure their baby and child's mattresses are free of any harmful chemicals, and how wonderful that there is a brand you can trust to do just that. Thank you Naturepedic.

  • Beth Greer, Author of "Super Natural Home"

    I witnessed first hand the attention to impeccable detail at the Naturepedic factory. Every mattress and accessory is lovingly made by hand. You can rest assured that whatever item purchase will be non toxic, and free from polyurethane foam, flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde, pesticides, GMOs, glues/adhesives, vinyl and phthalates. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Others can be headache and asthma triggers. Overall, they will negatively impact the quality of your sleep, which is critical to healing and functioning at optimal performance through the day. Do you and your family a favor and choose Naturepedic. It's my go to brand!

  • Robyn O'Brien, Founder of Allergy Kids

    Naturepedic is in a class all its own. Founded by a grandfather at the birth of his first grandchild, every attention to detail is there - from the organic cotton and organic wool used to build the mattresses, to the love and attention that goes into making every product non-toxic and free from flame retardants, it is extraordinary. I have witnessed the assembling of the mattresses and other products first hand in the Ohio factory, spent time in Naturepedic showrooms and never seen anything like it. You can rest easy, given the incredible comfort and incredible detail to your family’s safety.

  • Rebecca Michi, Children's Sleep Consultant

    Naturepedic is a company I trust, children can spend up to 15 hours every day in their beds and we want that space to be as healthy as possible. Naturepedic offer organic, non-GMO, no fire retardants or other yucky chemicals in their mattresses. It’s so important to have a safe, clean space for your child to sleep and Naturepedic can help you achieve that.

  • Dr. Alan Greene, Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of MedicinePalo Alto, CA

    A cotton mattress is at the top of Dr. Greene’s essential list of must-have products for baby… Naturepedic is really doing it right! Parents can rest assured that the basic model (or the more luxury models) are safe for their little ones from infant to school-age kids.

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  • Sheryl Fleishman, Mother of TwoCamarillo, CA

    I ordered the No-Compromise crib mattress for my daughter. I can easily say it was one of the best purchases I have ever made for her. I feel so good knowing that she is not breathing in toxic materials while she is sleeping. The quality and craftsmanship of this mattress is superior.

Dr. Edwin Simpser, Chief Medical Officer & PediatricianBayside, NY

With my many years of experience as pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, I am happy to see that the Naturepedic baby mattress is finally available. The Naturepedic baby mattress gives pediatricians and parents with concerns about the chemicals in baby products a high quality option they previously did not have... I am happy to recommend it to parents.

  • Dr. Sigmund C. Norr, Former Chief of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Ohio RegionBeachwood, OH

    We put a lot of emphasis on the physical protection of our children... We need to place similar emphasis on protecting our children from the subtle but potentially serious consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals. I can recommend Naturepedic as an excellent product from people who care.

  • Haia Roffman, Ph.D., Director of Toxicology and Human Health Risk AssessmentsPittsburgh, PA

    As a chemist who worked for more than 30 years on environmental issues, including conducting health risk assessments for the U.S. EPA, the Departments of Energy and Defense, as well as many industrial clients, it is a pleasure to see what Naturepedic is doing.

Kelly Rutherford, Mother and actressNew York, NY

If you’re looking for a great organic mattress for your children’s room, this one is wonderful. I got these for my kids.

Sharon Chen, Washington Toxics CoalitionSeattle, WA

Thank you so much for the wonderful mattress... We live in a very alarming world. I am so thankful for companies such as yours 

Devon Mann, First-Time Naturepedic OwnerGrayslake, IL

I’m allergic to wool and was searching (forever) for an organic wool-free alternative for my baby! Thank you!!