EOS Classic Organic Vegan Mattress

Pay Once As low as $2,199.00

The EOS Organic Vegan Mattress is handcrafted without wool or other animal products. It’s fully customizable on both sides with interchangeable layers of organic latex and pocketed coils so you can swap as many times as you need until it’s perfect! 100% GOTS certified organic, Vegan Certified and PETA-Approved Vegan. Passes flammability standards without any fire retardants or added chemicals. No glues or adhesives.


Free shipping in 7-10 business days (Continental U.S.)
Pay Once As low as $2,199.00
Payments As Low As

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Interchangeable layers allow you to personalize your comfort – even independently of your sleep partner

Being vegan matters to you – and that matters to us! Our EOS Organic Vegan Mattress is carefully constructed without any wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, feathers or other animal products. We use responsibly sourced, planet-friendly materials from reputable suppliers that do not use animal testing. That’s how we assure your mattress is Vegan Certified, PETA-Approved Vegan, and GOTS certified organic. Featuring a multi-layered, zippered construction, the EOS also allows you to customize the comfort of your mattress, swap out layers for free within the first 100 nights, and even change the way your mattress feels years later.

See How EOS Works!

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What Makes The EOS Organic Mattress

So Comfortable?

With EOS, you get exceptional comfort without compromise!

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It's all about you

We start with the best materials and components mother earth has to offer. Then, with personalized comfort, you choose how you want your bed to feel. We designed our mattress in a way that prioritizes your personal comfort and flexibility. Your sleep partner also gets to tailor their sleep preferences on the other side of the bed so you'll never have to compromise. Don't get stuck with a mattress you don't love ever again!

comfort guarantee

In addition to our standard 100-night trial with free shipping and free returns, you can swap any EOS layer within those 100 nights for FREE! Even after the 100 nights, you can purchase new layers at any time as your comfort preferences change. EOS just might be the last mattress you'll ever have to buy!

In addition to our standard 100-night trial with free shipping and free returns, you can swap any EOS layer within those 100 nights for FREE! Simply purchase your new layers and return your original layers using a prepaid return label. You will then be refunded the full amount of the new layers!

sleeps cool

The EOS Classic is packed with real fibers that wick away moisture and actually breathe - keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. Its hybrid design features organic latex and a contouring support system that actually gives heat somewhere to go (unlike foam mattresses that act as insulators and trap heat).

Couple snuggling in bedCouple snuggling in bed



Mom holding up baby in bedMom holding up baby in bed
5 stars5 stars

So Happy

"So happy with our purchase! We chose the cushion firm-very easy set up, super comfortable from day one. We are resting easy knowing there's nothing harmful in this mattress & it's such a great quality for the same price as a "traditional" one. Here's to making new traditions! Thanks Naturepedic!"

KARLA (Verified Buyer)

Mom holding up baby in bedMom holding up baby in bed
5 stars5 stars

Fantastic Product

"The mattress was comfortable day 1! I am very impressed with the quality and comfort of the product and the ease of set up when received, definitely recommend!!"

ERIC (Verified Buyer)

Mom holding up baby in bedMom holding up baby in bed
5 stars5 stars

Best Mattress Ever

"This mattresses is the most comfortable mattress that I have slept on. Always a pleasure getting ready for bed."

SHARON (Verified Buyer)

Award-winning Comfort!

We’re proud our EOS Classic customizable organic mattress is the "Cutting Edge Customization" winner in Good Housekeeping's 2022 Best Bedding Awards. Cutting-edge comfort … on both sides of the bed!

Good Housekeeping Bedding Award for Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic MattressGood Housekeeping Bedding Award for Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic Mattress

what's inside


#1Quilt (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton batting + pla comfort layer)
#23" organic latex comfort layer
(organic cotton outer encasement)
#38" encased coils with edge support
(organic cotton outer encasement)
#4Organic cotton batting
#5Mattress encasement (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton fill + solid brass zipper)
Illustration of mattress component layersIllustration of mattress component layers

Layers are split for queen, king and california king. This allows for independent customization.

detox your sleep

with healthier materials

Woman meditatingWoman meditating

Organic Cotton Fabric + Fill

Organic cotton is the purest form of cotton and a healthier alternative to synthetic fabrics and foams. At Naturepedic, we only use U.S. grown and certified organic cotton as filling for our mattresses and we buy directly from USDA certified sources. You'll also love our luxurious stretch knit fabrics. They're soft to the touch and easily stretch to conform to your body.

Plant-Based PLA Layer

PLA is a high-performance synthetic fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane that adds resiliency and improves moisture wicking. A non-toxic plant-based material, PLA is used in a variety of industries, including food packaging and medical supplies and is well-known for its sustainability and non-toxic properties.

Organic Latex

Latex is known for its comfortable pressure-point relieving qualities. Best of all, it's made from the sap of a rubber tree! Unlike synthetic and even all-natural blends, Naturepedic's latex is GOTS approved for use in certified organic mattresses and is sourced from reputable certified suppliers. This ensures purity, fair labor practices and support for our planet's rubber tree forests.

Glueless Encased Support Coils

Naturepedic's encased coils are individually wrapped for full body-contouring comfort, isolation of movement, and balanced support for proper postural alignment. Our coil layer features full perimeter edge support, provides just the right amount of bounce, and adds refreshing breathability and heat dissipation characteristics. Made in-house without ANY glues or adhesives (a Naturepedic exclusive).


Not only are the materials and factory certified, but the entire finished product is certified as well.

GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth OT-007086GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth OT-007086


All Naturepedic mattresses meet the organic standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), an organic consumer goods certification recognized by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).



Every Naturepedic mattress meets the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) strict criteria for avoiding ingredients flagged as potential health risks, fully disclosing all materials and following responsible manufacturing practices.

Made Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredientsMade Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredients


Naturepedic mattresses have been scrutinized by experts to help eliminate harmful ingredients, vapor releases, gases or by-products that could impact human health and our ecosystems.

Greenguard Gold and Formaldehyde-Free Certified LogosGreenguard Gold and Formaldehyde-Free Certified Logos


Naturepedic mattresses have been tested and certified by UL/GREENGUARD laboratories for low chemical emissions. They are additionally validated to the UL Formaldehyde Free standard.

Certified Organic + More

Not only are the materials and factory certified, but the entire finished product is certified as well.

GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Control Union 864025GOTS Logo - Certified Organic by Control Union 864025
Made Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredientsMade Safe Logo Certification - made with safe ingredients
Greenguard Gold Certified LogoGreenguard Gold Certified Logo
Greenguard Formaldehyde-Free ValidatedGreenguard Formaldehyde-Free Validated
1% For the Planet Logo1% For the Planet Logo

fresh modern design

Our innovative zippered construction provides the unique flexibility and "under the hood" access that you need to reinvent your mattress again and again, keeping it out of the landfill. This arguably makes EOS the most sustainable mattress ever made! Plus, our European-inspired design features beautiful high-end organic fabrics that are comfortable, luxurious, and soft to the touch. Feel good about sustainably harvested materials and cleaner sleep.

Close-up of side corner of mattressClose-up of side corner of mattress
Environmental Advocacy LogosEnvironmental Advocacy Logos

Sustainability As A Priority

Naturepedic's mission includes a strong focus on environmental sustainability. From responsibly sourcing natural and certified organic materials to becoming the first mattress manufacturer ever to earn the EWG VERIFIED® distinction to implementing a packaging system that helps keep 55,000 pounds of single-use plastic out of landfills each year, we are continuously working to improve. Plus, as a 1% for the Planet member, we support the environment. When you sleep on a certified organic mattress and bedding, you’re part of a much bigger solution … tonight and every night, for generations to come.

Sustainable At Its Core

Naturepedic's mission includes a strong focus on environmental sustainability. We pride ourself on being one of the world's healthiest and most sustainable sleep brands. We continuously work to improve ourselves and make the world a better place through cleaner, healthier and more sustainable materials and practices. By choosing natural and organic materials in place of petroleum-based foams and fabrics, you can make a meaningful differnece in helping preserve our precious environment. Take a stand and choose a mattress made with natural, organic and sustainable materials. Together we can save the planet, and ourselves in the process.

Environmental Advocacy LogosEnvironmental Advocacy Logos


Roll of quilted organic cotton fabric and fill on tableRoll of quilted organic cotton fabric and fill on table


Every Naturepedic mattress passes all government flammability requirements without ANY flame retardant chemicals or barriers. That's right – none at all! This is due to our smart organic mattress design and the elimination of highly flammable synthetics such as polyurethane foam.

Close-up of mattress being sewn closedClose-up of mattress being sewn closed


It's really hard to find a mattress without glue. Even "organic mattresses" often contain several pounds of industrial adhesives, especially in their coil systems. At Naturepedic, we've engineered custom processes that do not use glue or adhesives. We're 100% committed to chemical safety – and honesty!

Worker attaching fluffy cotton batting to encased coil unitWorker attaching fluffy cotton batting to encased coil unit


Polyurethane foam, including memory foam and all its variants, can be found in nearly all conventional mattresses. It's made primarily from petroleum and other chemicals and is highly flammable. At Naturepedic, we do not use polyurethane foam in any of our products.

Learn more about our non-toxic approach.

handcrafted quality you can trust

Featuring skilled Amish craftsmen who love and care about their work





EVT- TWIN 38" x 75" x 12" $2,199$3,079 CAD
EVTXL- TWIN XL 38" x 80" x 12" $2,499$3,499 CAD
EVF- FULL 53" x 75" x 12" $3,199$4,479 CAD
EVQ- QUEEN 60" x 80" x 12" $3,499$4,899 CAD
EVK- KING 76" x 80" x 12" $4,299$6,019 CAD
EVCK- CAL KING 72" x 84" x 12" $4,299$6,019 CAD

For latex-free microcoils or blended latex/microcoil configurations, please contact us.

Extra-Firm Firm Latex / Firm Coils
Firm Medium Latex / Firm Coils
Cushion-Firm Soft Latex / Firm Coils
Medium Medium Latex / Plush Coils
Plush Soft Latex / Plush Coils

Made in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported fabric and components.
GOTS approved accessories include steel coils wrapped with polypropylene fabric and assembled without any glues
or adhesives. Steel fasteners, polypropylene interlinings and polyester sewing thread for strength and durability.

No animal products are used in the construction of this mattress.

Law Labels: EVT-, EVTXL-, EVF-, EVQ-, EVK-, EVCK-

How to Assemble?


How does EOS offer different firmness levels in one mattress?

The inner layers are accessible via a zipper and can be stacked in different configurations to achieve just the right feel. Think of each configuration as a unique "recipe" which is customized just for you. When you choose a standard firmness level (i.e. "Firm" or "Medium", etc.), you are picking a preset recipe of layers that results in that comfort level. The recipe can be adjusted at a later date if the feel is not exactly what you want. We recommend that you start with one of our standard recipes (extra-firm, firm, cushion-firm, medium, or plush) and then adjust (if needed) after you have tried it in your home. You can swap layers with us for free for 100 nights.

What are the standard configurations for each comfort level?

The coils come in 3 firmness levels; 1) extra-firm, 2) firm, 3) soft. The latex comes in 3 firmness levels; 1) firm, 2) medium, 3) soft. The following are our standard recipes:

"Extra-Firm" = firm latex over extra-firm coils
"Firm" = medium latex over firm coils
"Cushion-Firm" = soft latex over firm coils
"Medium" = medium latex over soft coils
"Plush" = soft latex over soft coils.

What is the ideal firmness for side sleepers / back sleepers / stomach sleepers?

There is no perfect rule, but the goal is to find the firmness that keeps your spine aligned. Generally, side sleepers will like a softer mattress since their shoulders and hips push further down into the mattress. Stomach and Back sleepers can usually be comfortable on any firmness type and it comes down to personal preference. Body type also factors in. Heavier people tend to like a firmer mattress. Ultimately, however, it is extremely subjective. The benefit to EOS is that you don't need to stress about it. Start with your best guess. Then change it for free without the need to return and buy a whole new mattress. Our specialists will work with you to swap out layers at home until your mattress is everything you dreamed it would be:)

How do I order an EOS Mattress?

Step 1: Select "Mattress Size" (i.e. Queen, King, etc.).
Step 2: Select "Left Side Firmness" and "Right Side Firmness". If you want the firmness to be the same on both sides, make them the same.
Step 3: Optionally add a foundation.
Step 4: Click "Add to Cart". Your custom mattress will be generated and added to your cart!

How does the layer swap program work?

For the first 100 nights, you can swap layers for free to achieve your perfect feel. For more details see our layer swap program. But it doesn't end there. You can purchase new layers for your EOS mattress at any time, even 5 or 10 years later. While most mattresses only last 7-10 years, the EOS mattress can be refreshed by replacing only the top layers which will make your bed feel like new again without the need to buy a new mattress.

Can I buy individual layers separately?

Yes. You can order them here.

How does the EOS mattress ship?

Twin / TwinXL / Full sizes - Ships in 3 boxes
Queen / King / California King sizes - Ships in 4 boxes

All boxes ship via Fedex or UPS ground. Each box weighs between 30-55 lbs so the components can be easily carried to their final destination by one person.

Can I order the EOS without latex?

Yes! Any latex layer can be swapped out for a coil equivalent. The latex-free version can be ordered here.

Can I order the EOS without coils?

Yes! Our Trilux version is an all latex mattress with all of the advantages of the EOS line. It is made with 3 layers of latex instead of the hybrid mattress design of the EOS Classic.

Do I need a foundation/boxspring with the EOS mattress?

No. The purpose of a foundation is to support the mattress above it and to bring the surface of the mattress to a height that is comfortable for getting in and out of bed. If you have a bed that comes with a supportive platform at the correct height, there is no need for a foundation. If your platform is made of slats, please ensure that the spacing between slats is no more than 3" apart. Slats that are spaced too far apart can create waviness in the bottom of the mattress over time.

How long does assembly take?

About 10-15 minutes. We recommend having two people for assembly, but this is not strictly necessary. For assembly instructions watch our assembly video above.

How is EOS Pillowtop different from EOS Classic?

EOS Pillowtop offers an extra layer of latex compared to the EOS Classic version. This allows an even more nuanced selection of feels as well as a wider range of comfort levels. For example, if you like a REALLY soft mattress, you will want to go for the Ultra-Plush version, which is only offered in the EOS Pillowtop line. Please contact us for the EOS Pillowtop Vegan (special order)

Do you use Dunlop or Talalay Natural Latex?

We use both. Each process has its advantages. For example, Talalay is better for achieving a super plush feel whereas Dunlop is better for firm and medium layers. We only use 100% certified GOTS approved natural latex.
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