8 Reasons to Choose Organic Bedding

organic bedding

You know all about organic food and avoiding harsh pesticides on what you eat. You might even shop organic for your skincare and cosmetic products to avoid harmful chemicals you place on your skin and body. But have you thought about the difference between organic and conventional bedding? Why organic bedding? 

For the same reason that you choose organic milk, organic carrots, and organic shampoo. Organic bedding is a healthier option manufactured without harmful chemicals, and organic cotton specifically is healthier for the planet. It takes less water to produce organic cotton compared to conventional, and organic cotton isn’t treated with the toxic chemical pesticides or harsh chemical cleaners and fabric treatments that conventional bedding can be exposed to.

For instance, “wrinkle resistant” sheets are commonly treated with chemicals that release formaldehyde, a chemical we never use in our products. They appeal on a practical level because you don’t have to worry about folding them just right or getting them out of the dryer as soon as they’re done, but the long-term chemical exposure of formaldehyde and other chemicals in conventional bedding can pose a possible safety and health risk.

Conventional sheets are also dyed with inks and dyes that may contain heavy metals. If you have sensitive skin, dyes and other chemicals may cause a skin rash or other reaction (definitely check on any reactions with your doctor or dermatologist, we aren’t medical professionals).

Chemical treatments and dyes can weaken the fibers of conventional bedding, which means a thinner, flimsier feel and less durability.

Organic cotton is also more comfortable and breathable compared to synthetic counterparts, which often leave you feeling hot and sweaty in bed instead of cool and comfortable. The organic wool in our mattresses also helps to wick moisture and help you sleep cool, especially when topped with our organic cotton sheets and organic waterproof protector protectors designed to keep you from getting clammy.

Organic Bedding for Baby, Kids, and Adults

Since babies and children have smaller bodies, they are especially sensitive to chemical treatments like pesticides, detergents, and formaldehyde-containing treatments. This makes it important to buy safer bedding for your little ones.

Certified organic cotton bedding is ideal because it is free from flame retardants, formaldehyde, and other harsh chemicals. Naturepedic’s organic cotton sheets and bedding are available in all sizes from bassinet and crib to sizes twin and up! Or we can custom-fit a set of sheets just for you.

We offer organic children’s bedding as well as organic luxury bedding for adults. For a quick recap, let’s go over 8 reasons to choose organic bedding for babies, big kids, and the rest of the family:

  1. Organic cotton is a safer choice for people with sensitive skin, since it isn’t processed with harsh chemicals and detergents.
  2. Organic cotton is a breathable fabric, as opposed to synthetics that can trap heat and leave you feeling hot and sweaty.
  3. Organic cotton uses less water and is grown without harmful pesticides, which is better for the planet and soil.
  4. Organic bedding is made without harsh chemical additives like wrinkle resistant treatments that release formaldehyde.
  5. Organic bedding for babies and children helps avoid exposure to toxins, especially important for their developing bodies.
  6. Organic bedding is not treated with flame retardants, commonly used in baby and kids products.
  7. Organic cotton bedding is made without harsh dyes and colorants, which frequently contain heavy metal ingredients.
  8. Organic cotton bedding is usually stronger and stands up to wear and tear better than conventional bedding, because chemical processing weakens the fiber.

Choose organic for your family. Browse our organic bedding collections: - Adult Organic Bedding - Kids Organic Bedding - Baby Organic Bedding