EOS Trilux Organic Latex Mattress

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Never get stuck with a mattress you don’t like again! EOS is fully customizable, even years later. Swap layers for free as many times as you need until it’s perfect! Right and left sides independently configurable. Trilux version consists of 3 layers of 3" latex. No coils / springs / metal. 100% GOTS certified organic with no glues or adhesives. Passes flammability standards without fire retardants or added chemicals. Vegan option available (please call).


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Pay Once As low as $2,599.00
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The Naturepedic EOS® Organic Mattress Sleep System offers an innovative, luxurious, and practical approach to mattress design. Its multi-layered, zippered construction allows you to customize the comfort of your mattress, swap out layers and even change the way your mattress feels years later. You can also choose different comfort levels for you and your sleep partner.

With a 10" profile, the EOS Trilux can transform from an extra-firm all the way to a plush. It features three customizable 3" organic latex layers for a total of 9" of pure bliss - all wrapped up in our signature EOS organic mattress encasement for premium quality and a finish that screams luxury! If you're not sure what to choose, just pick one! You can always swap out the internal components for free within 90 days! For a customized sleep consultation, visit a store near you.


EL- TWIN 38" x 75" x 10"
ELTXL- TWIN XL 38" x 80" x 10"
ELF- FULL 53" x 75" x 10"
ELQ- QUEEN 60" x 80" x 10"
ELK- KING 76" x 80" x 10"
ELCK- CAL KING 72" x 84" x 10"



Options:  WOOL-FREE VEGAN (contact us to special order)

Slat spacing under mattress should be no more than 3"

Made in U.S.A. with domestic and imported fabric and components

For a customized sleep consultation



How does EOS offer different firmness levels in one mattress?

The firmness is determined by the "recipe" which is customized just for you. The inner layers are accessible via a zipper and can be stacked in different configurations to achieve just the right feel. When you choose a firmness level (i.e. "Firm" or "Medium", etc.), you are picking a preset recipe of layers that results in that comfort level. The recipe can be tweaked if the feel is not exactly what you want. We recommend that you start with one of our standard recipes (extra-firm, firm, cushion-firm, medium, or plush) and then adjust (if needed) after you have tried it in your home. You can swap layers with us for free for 100 nights.

What is the ideal firmness for side sleepers / back sleepers / stomach sleepers?

There is no perfect rule, but the goal is to find the firmness that keeps your spine aligned. Generally, side sleepers will like a softer mattress since their shoulders and hips push further down into the mattress. Stomach and Back sleepers can usually be comfortable on any firmness type and it comes down to personal preference. Body type also factors in. Heavier people tend to like a firmer mattress. Ultimately, however, it is extremely subjective. The benefit to EOS is that you don't need to stress about it. Start with your best guess. Then change it for free without the need to return and buy a whole new mattress. Our specialists will work with you to swap out layers at home until your mattress is everything you dreamed it would be:)

What are the standard configurations for each comfort level?

The latex comes in 3 firmness levels; 1) firm, 2) medium, 3) soft. The following are our standard recipes:

"Extra-Firm" = medium latex over firm latex over firm latex
"Firm" = medium latex over medium latex over firm latex
"Cushion-Firm" = soft latex over firm latex over medium latex
"Medium" = soft latex over medium latex over medium latex
"Plush" = soft latex over soft latex over medium latex.

How do I order my EOS Trilux Mattress?

Step 1: Select "Mattress Size" (i.e. Queen, King, etc.).
Step 2: If ordering queen, king, or calking, select "Left Side Firmness" and "Right Side Firmness". If you want the firmness to be the same on both sides, make them the same.
Step 3: Optionally add a foundation.
Step 4: Click "Add to Cart". Your custom mattress will be generated and added to your cart!

How does the layer swap program work?

For the first 100 nights, you can swap layers for free to achieve your perfect feel. For more details see our layer swap program. But it doesn't end there. You can purchase new layers for your EOS mattress at any time, even 5 or 10 years later. While most mattresses only last 7-10 years, the EOS mattress can be refreshed by replacing only the top layers which will make your bed feel like new again without the need to buy a new mattress.

Can I buy individual layers separately?

Yes. You can order them here.

How does the EOS mattress ship?

Twin / TwinXL / Full sizes - Ships in 3 boxes
Queen / King / California King sizes - Ships in 4 boxes

All boxes ship via Fedex or UPS ground. Each box weighs between 30-40 lbs so the components can be easily carried to their final destination by one person.

Can I order the EOS without latex?

Yes! Any latex layer can be swapped out for a coil equivalent. The latex-free version can be ordered here.

Do I need a foundation/boxspring with the EOS mattress?

No. The purpose of a foundation is to support the mattress above it and to bring the surface of the mattress to a height that is comfortable for getting in and out of bed. If you have a bed that comes with a supportive platform at the correct height, there is no need for a foundation. If your platform is made of slats, please ensure that the spacing between slats is no more than 3" apart. Slats that are spaced too far apart can create waviness in the bottom of the mattress over time.

How long does assembly take?

About 10-15 minutes. We recommend having two people for assembly, but this is not strictly necessary. For assembly instructions watch our assembly video above.

How is EOS Trilux different from EOS Classic or EOS Pillowtop?

EOS Trilux is our all-latex version of the EOS. The EOS Classic is our base model and has one layer of coils and one layer of 3" latex. EOS Pillowtop offers an extra layer of latex compared to the EOS Classic version. This allows an even more nuanced selection of feels as well as a wider range of comfort levels. For example, if you like a REALLY soft mattress, you will want to go for the Ultra-Plush version, which is only offered in the EOS Pillowtop line.

Do you use Dunlop or Talalay Natural Latex?

We use both. Each process has its advantages. For example, Talalay is better for achieving a super plush feel whereas Dunlop is better for firm and medium layers. We only use 100% certified GOTS approved natural latex.