Seeding Plants For Your Bedroom

Our 5 Favorite Plants To Let Bloom In The Bedroom


This summer, don’t think you're limited to only growing plants outdoors. Bring the outside in and use your bedroom as an herbological oasis with indoor plants.

There are many indoor plants that are especially wise to seed in your bedroom because of the many benefits they have for your sleep and your well-being. Not to mention they add some beautiful color to the space.

Here are five of our favorite indoor plants to let bloom in the bedroom.

Gerbera Daisy

These beautiful daisies are great to grow in your house during the spring and summer because they need medium to bright light. They also release oxygen into the air, helping create a fresher environment for you. Just don’t forget to water them regularly!

English Ivy

If you're looking to filter out some of the many common allergens in your bedroom, try growing English Ivy. Water it regularly and put it near the sunlight to have a lovely addition to your room.


Jasmine is a perfect plant to grow in the bedroom because it could lead to better sleep. Jasmine has a calming effect on the body and mind, making it easier to fall into a relaxing sleep. Not only will it look beautiful in your bedroom, it will make you feel better in the morning because it helps you have a good night’s sleep.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the best plants you can grow in your bedroom if you are set on improving your air quality. Snake plant, of Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, gives off oxygen at night time while also taking in carbon dioxide, which ultimately leads to purer air. It also filters things such as formaldehyde, trichlororoethylene and benzene, all common toxins.


If you have ever used lavender essential oil, the lavender plant has the same benefits. The scent of lavender plant facilitates better sleep, improves your mood and reduces anxiety. As the National Sleep Foundation states, lavender lowers blood pressure and heart rate, causing relaxation. So start letting these gorgeous blue flowers bloom in your bedroom!