A Guide to Deep-Cleaning Your Bedroom

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It’s that magical time of year again: time for spring cleaning! With the sun shining bright and tiny buds popping up outside, the nicer weather is the perfect motivator for getting your home freshened up and straightened out. 

If cleaning the entire house feels like too big of a challenge, there’s nothing wrong with taking it one room (or task) at a time. The bedroom is a great place to start, as you want your sleep sanctuary to promote safe, healthy rest and impact your well-being in a positive way. 

Here is a quick-and-easy guide to deep clean your bedroom organically.

First thing’s first: focus on your cleaning products

Before you tackle your to-do list of tasks in the bedroom, you want to be cautious about the products you’ll be using as you clean. 

It’s important to avoid all of those harsh, toxic chemicals that are present in everyday cleaners. Instead, you’ll want to opt for cleaning products that are not only healthy for you, but sustainable and safe for the environment too.

When choosing organic cleaning products, you can choose between creating your own DIY cleaner or trying out a store-bought organic cleaner. (Check out our past blog on organic spring cleaning to learn more about these options.)

You should also pay attention to the cleaning tools you’ll be using and make sure they are eco-friendly. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to choose biodegradable cleaning toolslike reusable cloths, natural sponges, and recyclable disinfecting wipesto lessen your impact on the environment. 

A guide to cleaning your bedroom organically

Now that you’ve considered the cleaning products and tools you’ll use to freshen up your bedroom, here’s a list of tasks to make your sleep sanctuary spotless and ready for spring:

  1. Pick up everything on your floors. Put away whatever you can and find a new home for all the things that have piled up during winter.
  2. Open the windows in your bedroom for extra ventilation. Using an air filter is also encouraged for optimal breathability. 
  3. Dust your furniture from top to bottom with a microfiber or reusable cloth. Don’t forget to also dust those curtains, lights, and fan blades!
  4. Dust, sweep, or mop under your bed. Vacuum your floor and any carpeting.
  5. Clean your lamps with a damp rag or microfiber cloth. If you have white lampshades, you can make them shine with hydrogen-peroxide spray—a great organic alternative to chemical-based lamp cleaners!)
  6. Strip your bed and wash your sheets. This is also a great time to clean your mattress! You can even change up your bedding from heavier blankets and sheets to lighter ones, which will feel nice in the warmer weather.
  7. If you have drawer freshener sachets, change them up! (Hint: you can create a new scent for your drawers using organic essential oils.)
  8. Wash your windows and windowsills with a microfiber cloth and a 50/50 water and vinegar solution.
  9. Spot-clean any furniture using baking soda and water. You can also try using your organic cleaner of choice and a damp rag.
  10. Wipe down all doors and door handles. If you’ve been sick since the last time you deep-cleaned, use hydrogen peroxide to fully disinfect these fixtures. 

At Naturepedic, we care deeply about the products in your home environment and the way they may be affecting your family’s health and wellness. 

Just like natural cleaning products, you can rest assured that each of our organic mattresses is crafted using only healthier and safer ingredients. Learn more about the make-up of our EOS organic mattresses, which allow you to unzip the casing and see inside so you can easily clean the interior of your mattress.