How To: Organic Spring Cleaning

How To: Organic Spring Cleaning


If you have a little more time on your hands than usual, it’s the perfect time to engage in some spring cleaning tasks. But before you head to your cleaning cabinet and grab all of those harsh, chemical cleaners, you might want to pause and consider what goes into the products you’re cleaning with (which then end up all over your surfaces, counters, windows, and floors). 

Thinking clean is much different than being clean. What we mean here is that it’s entirely possible to carry out a full sweep of your home, where you think you’ve cleaned it as best you can. But actually being clean means that you deliberately choose to integrate products into your home that are not only healthy for your family, but sustainable and good for the environment, too.

In order to really be clean — and have a clean home after spring cleaning — it’s important to avoid all of those harsh chemicals that are present in everyday cleaners. Instead, opt for a naturally clean home that’s sparkling and fresh thanks to the organic products you used to make it shine.

Do-It-Yourself Natural Cleaners

If you aren’t sure where to start with buying natural cleaners from a big-box store, you can try making your own organic cleaning products at home first. Sometimes, the best way to know you’re being as green and clean as you can is to mix the ingredients yourself, so you know every little thing that’s going into your cleaning concoction. Certain books like The Naturally Clean Home and Green Clean are two trusted options that are chock-full of recipes for making your own natural cleaning solutions. Using ingredients like fruits, essential oils, and certain household staples like baking soda and vinegar, you can create a range of DIY products that will do the job equally as well as any harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tools 

Whether you’re cleaning your mattress or your kitchen table, you also need to think about the tools you’re using and how they might affect the environment. To clean in a truly green and clean way, it’s important to use natural, biodegradable cleaning tools when possible. Otherwise, wiping up those beautiful, DIY cleaners you created with heaps of paper towels that will end up in a landfill will just be counterintuitive. Luckily, there are many eco-friendly tools available — like reusable cleaning cloths, natural sponges, and even thyme-based disinfecting wipes — that are often EPA-approved and have a negative carbon footprint. By using these types of tools, you can clean with the peace of mind that your spring cleaning routine is holistic and eco-minded.

Store-Bought Organic Cleaners

Sometimes, you might not want to put in the extra effort it takes to make your own natural cleaning products at home, and that’s perfectly okay. Nowadays, you can find a range of eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaners at most big-box stores. With eco-friendly packaging, ingredients, and safety ratings, these organic cleaners are so harmless that your dog could ingest them and be fine! Some of the top all-purpose cleaners include: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, Puracy All-Purpose Cleaner, and Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner. With these store-bought options, you can trust that you’re using plant-derived ingredients and essential oils in a combination that really works. 

At Naturepedic, we care deeply about the products in your home environment and the way they may be affecting your family’s health and wellness. Just like natural cleaning products, you can rest assured that each of our organic mattresses is crafted using only the healthiest, safest ingredients. Learn more about the make-up of our mattresses and keeping them clean here.