How To Pick The Right Crib Mattress

How To Pick The Right Crib Mattress

How To Pick The Right Crib Mattress

Picking the right organic crib mattress can be overwhelming. We’re here to make it simple. All of Naturepedic’s crib mattresses are certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and are made without common allergens. This short guide will help you navigate our options for the perfect mattress.

Question 1: What type of support do you prefer?

Lightweight: Our unique WaveSupport™ core is made from food-grade polyethylene. The lightweight mattress weighs only 11 pounds, making bedding changes easier and more convenient.

Innerspring: Innersprings provide firm support and durability. They weigh more (22 pounds) but will support your weight on the mattress to sit with your toddler. Choose 150 or 252 steel coils. More coils means more support!

Question 2: Do you want a waterproof mattress?

Waterproof: A food-safe polyethylene surface makes our waterproof models hygienic, convenient, and easy to clean.

Quilted: For a more mature and traditional mattress surface, we offer quilted crib models. You’ll need a waterproof protector pad to protect against liquids.

Question 3: What firmness do you need?

Single firmness: This classic mattress has the same firm support on both sides and is appropriate for infants and growing toddlers.

Dual firmness: Some parents (and babies) prefer a little more cushion as kids grow bigger. A 2-stage or dual-firmness mattress is firm on one side for infants and has a cushion-firm side for toddlers.

Question 4: Do you have a fabric color preference?

Classic: Our organic cotton Classic fabric is a clean white color.

Ultra: Naturepedic’s organic cotton Ultra fabric has a natural tone and is more durable.

Question 5: Do you want a seamless finish?

Seamless: Seamless edges provide a completely waterproof finish as a barrier to liquids, dust mites, and bed bugs.

Traditional seam: The traditional tape edge has a more classic and mature finish.

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