Organic Ways To Pass Time With The Kids: Winter Edition

Girl on pillows


When winter rolls around, getting out of the house during the colder months can seem like a major hassle—especially with the kids. We are all more likely to stay cuddled up in doors a little more than we’d like. 

By the time the first official day of winter arrives on December 21st this year, you’ll probably be eager to find some fun activities to entertain the family inside the house. Some days, you and the kids might be in the mood to bake some holiday cookies. Other days, you may want to build a cozy fort and watch a movie as a family.

No matter what you’re feeling, here are 6 organic ways to pass the time with your kids indoors during the winter season.

1. Make organic hot cocoa

A traditional cup of hot cocoa might seem like the most indulgent winter treat, but it doesn’t have to be! By substituting those instant cocoa packets for organic cacao powder, you can make a healthier alternative to everyone’s favorite cozy cup.

2. Plan a popcorn and movie day

If you need to occupy the kids for an entire day on the weekend, plan an all-out movie watching day. Pop some organic popcorn, make some other healthy snacks, and plan out a full day’s schedule of fun flicks. 

3. Create a scavenger hunt

Think outside the box and come up with an awesome scavenger hunt around the house for the kids! Make sure you set up some sort of "treasure" for them to find, or a coupon for a special treat that they can cash in later on.

4. Send handwritten letters

If your kids are missing their friends, cousins, or other family members a little more than usual this year, handwritten letters are a fun (and time-consuming!) activity the kids will love. Use stickers and colored pens to make the notes extra creative; you can even make the envelopes by hand. 

5. Take a field trip to the craft store

After many months at home, you’re probably fresh out of arts and crafts supplies. During the holiday season, you can find some great discounts at craft stores. Take the family for a miniature field trip (being safe, of course!) and stock up on paints, color-by-numbers, modeling dough, wood beads, and other kits to use all winter long.

6. Put on a show

Your kids will love coming up with a script and costumes to put on a little performance. Get creative with the “stage” and let the kids design some special set pieces. To make it even more official, you can video record the show to share with friends or family. 

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