Potty Training Tips & How to Protect Your Mattress

Potty Training Tips

June is Potty Training Awareness Month and there is no lack of conventional wisdom on the internet about the best tips and tricks to train your little one fast. But the truth is that sometimes kids just aren’t ready yet! We asked our community to share some of their favorite stories about potty training tips to help you find a solution for your own potty woes.

Anticipate a Night and Day Difference.

Naturepedic’s own Hilary T. starts us out with her experience. “My son was potty trained during the day almost two full years before he was night trained. I learned that night training is completely different than day training, and I didn’t stress when his body just wasn’t ready.”

Each Child Is Different.

Community member Lura B. potty trained five kids who all responded differently! After a mix of self-training, rewards, and the naked (no diaper) method, she says, “If something works for one child it doesn’t mean it will work for the next. You should try something else until you find what works for them, and sometimes the only solution is giving them more time until they’re really ready.” Learn more about the “bare bottom,” “naked,” or “no diaper” method of quick potty training.

Sometimes They Really Are Just “Ready.”

Crystal S.’s oldest child “was three, he woke up one day and said he wanted to wear underwear. No accidents ever.” If your child isn’t a potty prodigy, don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to need to try a variety of approaches before everything clicks!

Use Positive Rewards.

Some moms use stickers, small toys, or small individual snacks like pretzels or fruit snacks as a reward for using the potty. Make sure you praise every positive interaction with the potty. You might have to start with just sitting on the potty, if they are scared. Be consistent with your reward system so the kids get the hang of it quickly.

Try Some Books and Songs.

Try reading potty training children’s books or watching potty training themed episodes of kids’ TV shows (like Daniel Tiger, which features a very catchy and helpful tune).

Protect the Mattress.

Make sure you protect your little one’s mattress with a waterproof protector pad or a waterproof surface like the one on our Kids 2-in-1 Ultra mattress. Be sure to keep a waterproof protector pad on your own bed for those nights when the kids sneak in! A waterproof surface keeps the mattress safe from any liquid spills, whether it’s a potty accident, a spilled drink, or even a warm sleeper who tends to sweat. Once contaminated, the mattress is difficult to clean. Learn more about our waterproof pads and how to clean your Naturepedic mattress.