Reasons to Love Sleeping Alone

woman sleeping alone

You’ve heard the saying “slept like a baby,” but have you ever thought about it? Babies sleep peacefully, alone. They don’t have someone in the crib snoring or playing on their phone or watching TV—it’s silent. And the best sleep happens in quiet places. Sometimes there is nothing better than sleeping in a big bed all by yourself. Here are five reasons to love sleeping alone. 

1. Savor the Silence

One of the biggest benefits of sleeping alone is the peace and quiet. You don’t have to worry about hearing your partner coughing, sneezing, watching television, or snoring. If you’ve ever slept next to someone who snores, you understand how disruptive it can be.

If you’re sleeping next to a snorer, you are losing a half an hour of sleep every night, on average. One BSAA study found that snorers cost their partners an average of two years of sleep during the course of a relationship.

2. Stay Cool or Warm – your Choice!

We often forget how important temperature is while trying to get a good night’s sleep, but there are few things in life more annoying than waking up freezing or sweaty, right? The great thing about solo sleep is that you can regulate the temperature of your sleeping environment. No more sleeping next to a blanket hog or a human space heater!

3. Choose your Comfort

Have you ever gone mattress shopping with a partner? Everyone has specific preferences and needs when it comes to an ideal surface, and there’s a good chance two people won’t be compatible in terms of comfort levels. But if you’re sleeping alone, your comfort is your top priority, and every night can be your best night’s sleep. (Psst – if you’re looking to customize your comfort with a new mattress, we’ve got the perfect mattress for you!)

4. Stretch it Out

You know that feeling when you take a trip, and you’re staying at a hotel alone, and you get to sleep in the middle of the bed? Imagine having that every night. One of the best things about having your own space is enjoying that space. Stretch out and get comfy!

5. Stick to a Schedule

Want to curl up in bed at 8pm and binge watch your favorite shows before bed? Go for it! A fun advantage of sleeping alone is creating your own sleep schedule without enduring interruptions from a partner. Some people are night owls. Some are early risers. You can be whichever you want without having to worry about waking someone or being woken up from a deep sleep.

So next time you stress about sleeping alone, think about how blessed you are to stretch out and sleep in silence.

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