How to Snap Out of a Thanksgiving Food Coma

How to Snap Out of a Thanksgiving Food Coma | Naturepedic Blog

We know you are tired. In fact, your eyes are probably straining to stay awake right now. If you can avoid that post-meal slumber just a little longer, we may be able to help. We know the Thanksgiving food coma is all too real for most of us, but it IS avoidable, especially if you are reading this before you sit down for dinner. Check out what you can do before, during, and after your feast to fight the food coma.

Before You Eat

Before stuffing yourself, it’s about the drinks! Don’t skimp on the water before the meal, in fact, drink as much of it as you want. Drinking water helps you pace yourself and digest more efficiently. Hot water specifically is great for digestion. On the other hand, carbonated drinks such as sodas, will fill you up faster, so try to avoid those during meal preparation.

While You Are Eating

There are many ways to pace yourself to avoid overeating such as filling up on healthy foods first and setting a game plan. One of our favorite tips, however, is all about tricking yourself. Instead of using a dinner plate, opt for the dessert-sized plate. You are more likely to eat only until you are full because you won’t have a large plate full of food that you feel you need to finish. Even if you go to take a second portion, at least you will have more time to consider if you are actually hungry for it!

After You Eat

Once the food settles in your stomach, your first instinct is to crash on the couch. Don’t sit down just yet. It will make the digestion even harder – and make you feel worse.

A few minutes after your feast, take a slow walk outside to aid the digestion. Ahh, the turkey coma is about to hit. Even if you already ate your weight in stuffing, there’s still a way to avoid the snooze. We usually discuss how alcohol is the enemy of sleep, so it’s fitting how some alcohol is the enemy of the food coma. According to many the mix of herbs and bitters in amaro stimulates the appetite and settles the stomach. Now don’t overdo it, of course! Just a little bit should be enough in the battle against the food coma.

Now that you avoided the food coma, you have more time to think of what you are thankful for! Find out why we are thankful for a good night's sleep.