The Benefits of Making Your Bed

The Benefits of Making Your Bed | Naturepedic Blog

Benefits of Making Your Bed

Growing up, many of us had “make the bed” as the first item on our chore list, and many of us resented it. You were just going to get back in it at the end of the day, why did it matter? Who was even going to see your room?

Turns out that your parents weren’t just trying to torture you first thing in the morning by making you do work. Fostering this habit was meant to help you develop healthy habits in the long-term. But how does neatly tucking in your sheets make a positive impact on your day, and why should you continue completing this morning chore every day?

1. It Encourages Better Decisions All Day Long

Some refer to making the bed as the easiest success-driven decision you can make. Making the bed sets you up to make better choices throughout the course of the day. Whether it’s being productive at work, being more motivated to hit the gym or finally going to bed at a better time, making the bed is proven to help encourage you to make those smart decisions.

2. It Lowers Your Stress

You weren’t told to keep an organized room just to impress houseguests. While, yes, it does help with that, you were also instructed to make the bed for your well-being! You spend a lot of time in your room, and for lots of us it’s one of the few havens we have. Disorganization leads to a scattered mind, so even a nicely put together bed can make all the difference in transforming that chaotic mind into a calm one. If you make your bed, you can end your long day truly relaxing and rejuvenating in your bedroom.

3. It Will Make You Feel Proud

You will most likely do a lot of things during the day that will all be major accomplishments. Reality is, however, we all have down days too. Start every day feeling good about yourself by making your bed. Even this small task can make a big impact on how you feel, and sometimes, it’s at least one thing we can be proud of achieving.

Tell us how making the bed has made you happier and healthier in the comments!