PLA Batting

Also known as polylactide, PLA is a new type of polyester derived entirely from plants (primarily corn and potatoes). The process begins with 100% plant starch, which gets isolated from the other components of the plant and gets turned into sugar. The sugar is fermented in a process similar to making yogurt to create lactic acid. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring material that gives the “tang” to yogurt and makes your muscles ache after a workout. From lactic acid a molecule called lactide is created. Water is then removed and it transforms into the high-performance polymer polylactide (PLA).

PLA performs well in the wash and provides a soft and comfortable feel. It wicks away moisture and resists body impressions. Our specially formulated non-GMO, potato-based PLA batting has been tested for chemical emissions and does not off-gas harmful chemicals. PLA is used in food packaging materials and a number of biomedical applications such as sutures, stents, and drug delivery devices. PLA is a more sustainable alternative to commonly used petroleum based materials. As well, PLA is biodegradable. And, finally, PLA does not contain bisphenol A or any other type of hazardous chemicals.