supremely comfortable

Naturepedic organic mattresses are designed to be supremely comfortable and supportive. Unlike sweaty foams and synthetic fabrics, organic materials actually breathe, dissipating heat efficiently. They're also extremely durable, matching the life-span of highly engineered foams, but without the chemicals. While we offer all-latex and latex-free designs, we believe the hybrid design offers the best of all worlds. Combining organic latex with encased coils gives you just the right balance of bounce, support and breathability, resulting in an incredibly comfortable sleep experience. With a deep level of organic know-how and expertise, our mattresses win out over the competition every time.

3 popular ways to build a mattress

While comfort is largely subjective, hybrids have outperformed on our comfort tests and satisfaction surveys. 

Block of memory foam on white backgroundBlock of memory foam on white background

all foam

Chemicals aside, foam mattresses, (especially memory foam) are notorious for sleeping hot (after all, foam is a great insulator). They also lack bounce, making the bed feel flat while giving you that "stuck-in-bed" feeling (its slow recovery actually fights you when trying to change positions).

Illustration of hybrid mattress design with latex over encased coilsIllustration of hybrid mattress design with latex over encased coils

latex hybrid

Hybrid mattresses provide exceptional breathability and heat dissipation, resulting in less tossing and turning. The latex at the surface provides floating pressure point relief while the support coils provide just the right amount of bouce, contour to your every curve, and give heat somewhere to actually go. 

Block of latex foam on white backgroundBlock of latex foam on white background

all latex

If you just love the feel of all-latex, go for it (we make those beds too). However, latex as a support layer is not really ideal. Compared to coils, It traps additional heat, doesn't articulate as well, adds fuel in the event of a fire and gives the mattress a flatter feel.

get posturally aligned

The most comfortable mattress in the world wont work for you if you're not posturally aligned. A mattress that's too firm will raise your hips, causing your spine to curve. Conversely, a mattress that's too soft will cause your hips to sink leading to the same result. It's all about getting the right amount of support for your unique body.

Outline of side sleeper showing contouring curvesOutline of side sleeper showing contouring curves

mother nature's recipe for true comfort

organic is what it's all about

We understand that comfort must come first. Regardless of how healthy, natural and chemical-free a mattress may be, it must still be supremely comfortable. Fortunately, mother nature provides the most comfortable materials in the world for bedding. It's a common myth that memory foam, gel foam and other engineered foams are the most comfortable. This couldn't be further from the truth. Simply put, man-made materials may be cheaper and easier to mass produce, but they don't come close to offering the dynamic performance, breathability and comfort characteristics that mother nature provides. Natural materials have properties that are near-impossible to replicate synthetically. We've been obsessively searching the planet for the most comfortable combination of healthy organic materials available for use in our mattresses and are proud of how truly comfortable our beds are. 

Dr. David M. Brady, naturopathic medical physician, board certified in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

“Made by Amish craftsmen using all organic natural materials with no applied chemicals of any kind…supportive, comfortable, and organic…We are back to getting much better sleep and waking without the back pain and stiffness.”

Picture of Dr Brady in hallwayPicture of Dr Brady in hallway