Here’s Why Sleeping With Your Dog is Good for You

Dog on a bed

If you’re one of the 60 million Americans that has at least one dog, you know how easy it is to let Scruffy get away with things. (After all, he’s just too cute!) In the early days, you probably set certain rules for having a dog in the house, like not feeding him human food or making him sleep in his own little dog bed.

But then, on one snowy night, Scruffy creeped onto the end of your bed, snuggling into your feet. You couldn’t help but to let him stay there, and before you knew it, your bed has also become Scruffy’s bed.

Rest assured, you’re not the only one. A whopping 75.1% of owners said they let their dogs sleep with them every night. Looks like Scruffy is here to stay.

Sharing your organic mattress with your furry friend is comfy and makes you feel safe, but is it actually good for both of you? Studies show that sleeping with your dog has known benefits for your health (just like your Naturepedic mattress). 

Here are several reasons why co-sleeping with Scruffy is good for you — and for a good night’s rest.

1. Improves sleep quality

It may surprise you to learn that people who share their bed with their dog actually get better sleep. In an extensive study, researchers at the University of Florida found that people who slept with their dog “disturbed less” during the night and associated bedtime with comfort and security. This is because interacting with dogs releases oxytocin — the same happy hormone that contributes to relaxation and stress-relief. With your furry friend by your side, you’ll feel relaxed, comfy, and safe enough to get those coveted eight hours.

2. Creates theta brainwaves

Beyond improving your overall sleep quality, dogs can also help you achieve deeper sleep. Studies have shown that sleeping with Scruffy — and the chemicals released as you do — promote theta brainwaves, which only occur during the REM sleep cycle. Plus, yours and Scruffy’s heartbeats sync up overnight, which is further proof of the calming effect your dog has on your brain as you sleep. 

3. Alleviates loneliness

If you live by yourself, bedtime can sometimes make you feel a little lonely. Luckily, having a dog around is basically like having a 24/7 sleepover pal. A recent study revealed that 41% of dog owners — particularly those who are single — said sleeping with their four-legged friend made them feel less lonely and more relaxed. Who needs a companion when you’ve already got man’s best friend sleeping at your feet?

Of course, having an incredibly cozy, organic mattress can do wonders for both you and Scruffy. Check out Naturepedic’s certified organic mattresses — which are not only big and comfy enough, but also safer and healthier for you and your favorite four-legged friend.