5 Reasons Organic Mattresses Are a Black Friday Must (Bedding, Too!)

Smiling woman sitting on bare mattress with bedding near her

Gone are the days where Black Friday means waking up at 4 a.m. to stand in line outside of Walmart and fight similarly sleep-deprived shoppers for the best deal on a big-screen TV. In the name of, you know, holiday cheer. Now, we have Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, as well as a push toward most retailers extending Black Friday sales to accommodate online shopping and stretch over few weeks. At least.

However, with Black Friday 2022 pulling in $9.12 billion in online sales, America’s favorite shopping day is nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve been scouring the internet for all of the best Black Friday deals, you’re not alone.

It can be overwhelming to decide which sales are worth your time and holiday budget. And, with as many as 64% of people regretting Black Friday purchases, the pressure is on to get it right. You could say we’re biased, but at Naturepedic, we think an organic mattress or bedding accessory is a foolproof Black Friday purchase.

Certified organic ensures the highest level of chemical safety, as well as materials that are as natural as they are luxurious. Looking for additional reasons to shop organic sleep essentials this Black Friday? Here are five more.

1. You Can Find Some Huge Black Friday Mattress Deals.

Couple sitting up in bed looking at a laptop Couple sitting up in bed looking at a laptop

Let’s be honest be honest about a couple of things right out of the gate:

  • Black Friday shoppers are looking for major sales
  • Organic products often come with a higher price tag (though it’s worth it!)

For these reasons alone, Black Friday is the perfect time to prioritize organic home products that may feel like a luxury without a hefty discount. Unfortunately, just like how high-sugar, high salt processed foods tend to be way cheaper than fresh, organic options, conventional mattresses typically cost less than certified organic ones. So take those Black Friday organic mattress sales and stock up!

You should also consider these other organic bedding staples if you see them on sale this Black Friday.

Organic Mattress ToppersOrganic Mattress Toppers

Organic Toppers

Turn your mattress into a cloud by choosing a GOTS certified organic latex or wool topper.

Organic Pads and SheetsOrganic Pads and Sheets

Organic Pads + Sheets

Protect and dress up your bed in the finest coziest organic fabrics available.

Organic PillowsOrganic Pillows

Organic Pillows

Looking for that perfect pillow? Check out our collection of comfy organic pillows. 

2. You Spend an Awful Lot of Time in Bed.

Couple snuggling under a blanket on a bare mattressCouple snuggling under a blanket on a bare mattress

Like … 30-odd year’s worth of your life. The average person spends roughly a third of their life either sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Plus, a recent study by FlexJobs shows that 65% of people who started working remotely during the pandemic don’t want to go back (with another 31% wanting a hybrid model.)

As companies adapt, people will be spending more time at home and – if we’re brutally honest – on or near a bed. Hands up if you’ve been on a Zoom meeting with someone who has a bed in their background. Yep.

If we’re spending so much time on or near our beds, shouldn’t we make sure they are safe? Conventional mattresses can be a major offender in terms of off-gassing known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that have been linked to a wide range of health concerns, giving your Black Friday opportunities a deeper purpose.

3. It’s a Black Friday Purchase You Can Trust.

A bed in a clean bright room with a bare mattress and folded beddingA bed in a clean bright room with a bare mattress and folded bedding

Organic mattresses are made of natural materials that are built to last. This includes high quality certified organic cotton and wool, natural Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved latex made from rubber trees, and even, in some instances, waterproofing made of non-GMO sugarcane.

All of which ensures you and your family are sleeping on a surface that’s free of harmful chemicals like:

Learning about the chemicals found in conventional mattresses can be eye-opening. That’s why you’ll want to make sure the organic mattress deals you’re eyeing for Black Friday are for mattresses carrying third-party certifications from organizations like GOTS and MADE SAFE®.

4. Conventional Black Friday Purchases Aren’t So Awesome for the Earth.

Cotton blossom plant in a field of blossoms Cotton blossom plant in a field of blossoms

Pretty much every year, electronic items – iPhones, laptops, TVs, etc. – top the list of most sought after Black Friday purchases. In fact, last year AirPods, Apple Watches, HP Laptops and Samsung & TCL 4K TVs all made the top-selling list over Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Unfortunately, only 20% of electronic waste is recycled, and many of your old screen-related items end up in landfills leaking toxic chemicals into the air, soil and water. Similarly popular Black Friday items like plastic toys and bargain clothing also end up in landfills … also releasing questionable chemicals. 

Certified organic mattresses and bedding rely on certified cotton and natural latex. Not only do these materials reduce the amount of toxic chemicals seeping into landfills, but they also give you the peace of mind that organic farming practices were used, greatly limiting the use of pesticides.

5. Kickstart Your 2024 Health Resolutions.

Bare mattress with bedding and pillows, woman exercising in the backgroundBare mattress with bedding and pillows, woman exercising in the background

From exercising more to eating more veggies to sleeping better, a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions based on health goals. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are infamous for – how do we put this nicely – failing miserably and fast. In fact, one study based on people’s Strava data (from 800+ million data points!) showed that most people abandoned fitness resolutions as early as January 19.

The good news is that setting yourself up for success prior to January 1 can help. After all, it’s not like your brain flips a magical switch when the calendar flips. In terms of sleep resolutions, getting the safest, healthiest and most comfortable sleep environment in place now can actually give you a better shot at achieving your 2024 sleep goals. Here are a few more organic resolutions to consider.

Looking for the Best Black Friday Deals for Organic Mattresses?

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