Checking All the Boxes: Naturepedic Ranks #1 in Getting Ready for Baby Coalition’s Latest Investigative Report

Checking All the Boxes: Naturepedic Ranks #1 in Getting Ready for Baby Coalition’s Latest Investigative Report


We are excited to share that our GOTS-certified Organic Baby Crib Mattress checks all the boxes for full material transparency and the use of safer, non-hazardous materials, according to a recent investigative report by the Getting Ready for Baby coalition.  Ranking as number one in transparency and material safety tests is no small feat and we appreciate the recognition!

The report, titled “The Mattress Still Matters: Protecting Babies and Toddlers from Toxic Chemicals While They Sleep,is the culmination of an investigative study released in July by nonprofits Clean & Healthy New York and the Ecology Center, who are leaders of the Getting Ready for Baby coalition.  The Getting Ready for Baby coalition comprises over 90 respected environmental organizations.

The report cracks down on the chemical hazards and lack of transparency flooding the crib mattress industry, analyzing 227 web pages from 37 different companies and testing 13 crib mattresses to determine if they use, and are transparent about using, chemicals of concern. The key chemicals of concern are PVC (vinyl), plasticizers (phthalates), PFAS (perfluorinated compounds), polyurethane foam, flame retardants (including antimony and modacrylic), antimicrobials, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

As a result, Naturepedic was the only company to succeed both in being fully transparent, completely matching component claims, and only utilizing safer materials.

“This represents great hope for change in the overall mattress industry,” said Naturepedic’s Founder and Technical Director, Barry Cik. “It’s reassuring to know there are organizations out there that are really getting behind holding manufacturers accountable and are working toward a toxic-free future, especially when it comes to the health and safety of babies, and the peace of mind of their parents.”

Other key highlights of the report show that the majority of companies, 52%, did not disclose most or all of their materials, and 22% of companies had significant gaps on their websites. Included, the majority of crib mattresses are waterproofed with either vinyl, which contains plasticizers, or are waterproofed with perfluorinated chemicals.

In addition to achieving — and exceeding — the highest standard in the crib mattress industry regarding GOTS organic status, non-toxicity standards and eliminating inappropriate chemicals and materials, Naturepedic also excels at hygiene safety to make crib mattresses easy-to-clean without using potentially toxic chemicals.


In particular, some crib mattress manufacturers do not waterproof their mattresses, which easily results in microbial contamination at the surface as well as below the surface of the mattress. At Naturepedic, we waterproof our crib mattresses through a patented process using a GOTS certified material made from Non-GMO sugarcane.
Then, separately, Naturepedic also eliminates the use of potentially allergenic materials, in particular latex and wool, in its crib mattresses. We stick to materials like organic cotton that are all GOTS certified.


“A policy to ban hazardous chemicals, implementing higher industry standards, and enforcing accountability checks are key ways government, retailers and manufacturers can take action,” said Cik. “Without it, greenwashing claims with no certifiable backing and insufficient  transparency will only be perpetuated. Besides the chemicals themselves, greenwashing claims are the biggest threats to the health and safety of consumers.”

At Naturepedic, we make sure to maintain the most certifications, recommendations, awards, and advocacy associations in the marketplace, always striving to drive educational awareness.

We are appreciative of this distinction by the Getting Ready for Baby coalition and look forward to continuing our commitment to transparency. To read the full report on the criteria and chemicals tested in “The Mattress Still Matters,” head to