Meet the Concerto Pillow Top Mattress: New Year, New Mattress!

Naturepedic's new Concerto Organic Pillow Top Mattress set up with a green blanket

Happy new year, friends! For many, January marks a time to reset our health and wellness goals, including our sleep quality. At Naturepedic, we're taking it one step further and introducing our newest certified organic pillow top mattress to help you do just that – refresh your sleep space so you can get the comfiest, healthiest sleep possible.

Why Sleep Is So Essential to Health

Sleep is not just a luxury – it's a fundamental component of our health and well-being. Proper sleep helps regulate mood, improves brain function and aids in physical health by repairing the heart and blood vessels. 

However, insufficient sleep has been linked to an increased health risks such as: 

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

This is where the importance of a quality mattress comes in. A good mattress isn't just about comfort; it's about creating the right conditions for restorative sleep, every night.

Organic Mattress ToppersOrganic Mattress Toppers

Organic Toppers

Turn your mattress into a cloud by choosing a GOTS certified organic latex or wool topper.

Organic Pads and SheetsOrganic Pads and Sheets

Organic Pads + Sheets

Protect and dress up your bed in the finest coziest organic fabrics available.

Organic PillowsOrganic Pillows

Organic Pillows

Looking for that perfect pillow? Check out our collection of comfy organic pillows. 

5 Reasons to Love our Concerto Pillow Top Mattress!

Embracing the new year with a commitment to unparalleled sleep comfort, our new Concerto Certified Organic Pillow Top Mattress stands out as a beacon of restful nights and joyful mornings. Let's explore five compelling reasons why this mattress is not just a purchase, but an investment in your health and happiness.

1. Unique Three-tiered Comfort and Support

Exploded view of the Concerto mattress showing the (1) encased coil layer, (2) the high-density microcoil layer and (3) the organic latex layerExploded view of the Concerto mattress showing the (1) encased coil layer, (2) the high-density microcoil layer and (3) the organic latex layer

With a unique three-tiered system, the Concerto offers a symphony of luxurious comfort and unparalleled support. Let’s break it down:

  1. A base layer of glueless encased coils – that we manufacture in-house to ensure heirloom quality without the use of toxic off-gassing chemicals. This foundational layer ensures a firm, supportive base for your best night's rest.
  2. An exclusive layer of high-density microcoils that provide balanced support, adapting to your body's unique contours.
  3. Plus, a layer of GOTS-approved latex made from the sap of rubber trees for plush, cloudlike comfort.

This innovative design caters to a wide range of sleep preferences, making it ideal for all types of sleepers.

2. Refreshingly Breathable Materials

Overheating at night is a common complaint among many sleepers. Conventional mattresses combat this with “cooling mattresses” that use “technology” such as beads, gels, etc., that, spoiler alert, are nothing more than bells and whistles. 

How do we address the “Sleep Cool” question? We use materials that don’t require cooling technology in the first place. Unlike many synthetic materials, like polyurethane foam, that trap heat and can make you feel hot and sweaty, breathable cotton and moisture-wicking wool help to regulate your body temperature for a more refreshing sleep. And, the plant-based PLA in our comfort layers wicks moisture, too!

3. Hotel Quality Pillow Top Mattress – At Home!

Side view of a Concerto organic pillow top mattress set up in a bedroomSide view of a Concerto organic pillow top mattress set up in a bedroom

Why should luxury comfort be reserved for hotels? The Concerto Mattress brings that indulgent, pillow-top, hotel-mattress experience right into your bedroom every night. This plush pillow top mattress features an exclusive layer of high-density microcoils, plus a latex comfort layer and moisture-wicking wool batting. 

We then encase the sophisticated Euro-top mattress in our signature, GOTS certified organic cotton ticking fabric and meticulously tuft it by hand for a luxurious feel that will make every night feel like a staycation. This isn't just a mattress – it's an upgrade to your daily life. (Isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are all about?)

4. Same Standards You Trust

Naturepedic has always been synonymous with quality and trust – those are the foundations upon which we built our brand. The Concerto Mattress upholds these values with our third-party certifications that tell our consumers that they can trust when we say our mattresses are better for people and planet. These include:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures that a product is certified organic and marks products that prioritize ecological and social sustainability. It measures impact across the entire supply chain, from processing to distribution. 
  • MADE SAFE® certifies products that have been screened against a list of thousands of chemicals known or suspected to be harmful towards human health.
  • GREENGUARD® Gold tests specifically for chemical emissions from consumer products and materials.
  • UL Formaldehyde Free validates products that do not contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde precursors.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) ensures that latex and wood meet rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to protect lands, ecosystems and workers.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifies organic latex and finished latex foam with a concentration on human health, safety and welfare and the environment in the manufacturing process.

5. Sustainability in Every Stitch

Concerto mattress quilt made of certified organic cottonConcerto mattress quilt made of certified organic cotton

We believe that sustainability is not just a feature but a responsibility. The Concerto Mattress is crafted with this philosophy at its core. From the certified organic cotton grown without pesticides prohibited by GOTS to the sustainable harvesting of our GOTS-approved latex, every element of this mattress is chosen with care for your health, but also that of the planet. 

Even the packaging is eco-friendlier – our new kraft-paper roll-pack machine helps us keep 55,000 lbs. of single-use plastic out of landfills by roll-packing all of our certified organic mattresses and comfort layers in recyclable kraft paper. We’re ensuring that your choice of mattress is not just a step towards better sleep, but also a more sustainable future.

Pair Your Pillow Top Mattress With a Certified Organic Pillow

Healthier sleep starts with a healthier mattress, but it doesn’t end there! We also offer a line of healthier pillows to pair with your plush pillow top mattress. We designed the Concerto to work for sleepers of all sizes, sleep positions and styles, and our pillows offer the same. From our unique Organic Side Sleeper Pillow to our Organic Adjustable Latex Pillow, you can find your perfect pillow for a sleep setup that’s optimized just for you.

As the new year begins, it's the perfect time to rethink our sleep habits and create a healthier, more comfortable sleep environment. Naturepedic’s Concerto Certified Organic Pillow Top Mattress is more than just a mattress; it's a commitment to better sleep, better health and a better planet. Here's to new beginnings and dreamy nights ahead!