Designing an Organic Kids' Bedroom

Kid laying on a NP mattress

When it comes to your child’s health and safety, parents know there’s no room for compromise. Since we live in a world that’s riddled with allergens, questionable chemicals, and other environmental factors that can impact health, it’s important to make sure your child’s bedroom is as free from these toxins as possible.

Designing an organic kids’ bedroom is easier than you might think! By paying close attention to the materials and fabrics that make up the items you choose, you’ll be able to select only the items that fit with your standards of safer, healthier sleep (and play!)

Since kids typically spend between eight to 12 hours each day sleeping, relaxing and doing activities like homework in their bedrooms, it’s essential to integrate organic kids’ items that are non-toxic in nature.

Here’s how to design an eco-friendly, organic kids’ bedroom.

Where to start

The perfect place to start is choosing the right organic mattress, like Naturepedic’s Verse or 2-in-1 Kids’ Mattresses. Not only are both mattresses GOTS certified, but each product goes above and beyond to ensure safe, healthy sleep from the inside out. Made without common allergens, flame-retardant chemicals, and any other questionable materials, our kids’ mattresses are a great starting point for an organic bedroom because they will become the staple of your child’s room, and you’ll never have to worry about off-gassing. 

While you’re at it, you can complement your child’s new organic mattress with accessories that also align with safe and non-toxic sleep. For example, items like protector pads, eco-friendly pillows, and cozy, organic cotton sheets are all great staples of a comfy kids’ bed.

What to add

As you find other items to incorporate into your kids’ bedroom, such as bookshelves, dressers, chairs, lamps, play tables, and other foundational furniture, it’s key to know how to read labels. 

Fortunately, more brands than ever before are making sure to list their specific product and environmental attributes on their websites. This makes it easier to determine if a product fits your room goals and meets non-toxic, organic standards. Even from large retailers, it is common to find kids’ products made of organic materials; just look for these certifications, and you’re good to go.

How to finish

Now that all of the foundational pieces of your kids’ organic bedroom are in place, it’s time for the fun part: decorating and adding fun toys! There are thousands of non-toxic brands out there that can make your child’s bedroom extra cool without sacrificing the quality of their surroundings.

For example, you can find wall stencils that are made with chemical-free, sustainable materials to liven up your child’s walls and make it seem like they’re playing in a jungle oasis or a cityscape. 

You can also locate a fuzzy, decorative rug that’s made with untreated, undyed fibers and organic materials such as jute, wool, or seagrass. Earth Weave, Organic Weave, and FLOR have fantastic options for you to take a peek at!

Lastly, you can choose toys for your child’s bedroom that also complement all of the other organic and non-toxic staples you’ve incorporated up to this point. Since kids tend to embrace their toys more than we’d sometimes like (even putting them in their mouths, sometimes), it’s best to make sure you’re choosing organic, non-toxic toys too. Common toxins in kids’ toys include BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, flame retardants, and more. 

Instead of turning a blind eye to these questionable chemicals, you can find brands with a mission to make all of their toys non-toxic. Again, label reading and certification checking are critical. You’ll want to avoid plastics, which typically contain PVCs and phthalates (plastic softeners), as well as painted toys, which often contain lead.

What surrounds your child as they are growing and sleeping matters. As you design the perfect organic bedroom for your little one, it’s essential to choose products that are certified non-toxic and safe for them to breathe in, play with, and enjoy. To learn more about Naturepedic’s kids’ line of mattresses, visit our website