How To Tell If Your Organic Crib Mattress Is Truly All Organic

How to Tell if Your Crib Mattress is Truly All Organic

How to Tell if Your Crib Mattress is Truly All Organic

When you’re shopping for a high quality organic crib mattress, you have an idea of what you’re looking for. You want something made without harmful chemicals that has firm support and natural materials like organic cotton. But it’s possible to find a crib mattress made with a few organic components that seems organic on the surface and isn’t truly as safe as you’d hope. How can you tell if your crib mattress is truly all organic so you and your baby can rest easy?

1. Look for the Right Certifications: The number one thing to look for is an organic certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies that a mattress is completely certified organic and non-toxic to a strict standard. However, sometimes mattresses may have a GOTS logo that only applies to one component of the mattress, so read closely to make sure the entire mattress is certified.

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2. Watch for False Claims: Claims like “non-toxic” or “all-natural” don’t actually have a standard you can check against to make sure the claim is true. If you see claims on a mattress or accessory package, find out how the manufacturer backs it up. For example, we say our crib mattresses are certified to the organic and non-toxic standards of GOTS, which means you can go look us up and check those standards for yourself! If something says it’s all-natural without clarifying, you might not be looking at a truly organic mattress.

3. Beware Greenwashing: Greenwashing is what happens when a product is made to look like it’s environmentally friendly or made with sustainable materials, but it really isn’t. One big example in the crib mattress market is “eco-foam,” “soy foam,” or other “green” forms of foam. The truth is that these materials are simply your average polyurethane foam with a bit of soybean oil mixed in. They’re not organic, and they contain flame retardant chemicals. Don’t be duped by sustainable-looking packaging without looking behind the curtain.

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